One of the recommendations to avoid the spread of any virus is to cover yourself when you sneeze; a video made by a german university shows us the importance of doing it

By: Web Writing

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended to the population that, to avoid the contagion of the coronavirus, it is necessary to maintain a distance of approximately one meter between people, as well as cover yourself with the arm when sneeze.

To highlight the importance of this measure, the University of Weimar, in Germany, published a video that shows how a virus when we cough.

The study, led by Amayu Wakoya, shows six different situations: breathing normally, coughing, coughing and covering with one hand, coughing and covering with the elbow, coughing with a dust mask and, finally, covering with a surgical mask.

This video shows the difference between how a virus when a person coughs without covering his mouth and when he does it by covering himself, thus achieving awareness of what we should do today, tomorrow and always.