How a joke became a major event on ‘Doctor Who’

On January 1, 2021, the special episode of Doctor Who, entitled The Dalek Revolution, was released. A chapter that closes season 12 and, in addition, Rekindle rumors that Jodie Whittaker will be saying goodbye to the Doctor character.

Beyond that, Doctor Who has shown us that it is a series with great characters. Some of them are the Daleks themselves, who appeared in the special episode of 2021. As well as Jack, from whom we remember how it is that a joke, perhaps better said, an occurrence of the showrunner of the moment, made him a fantastic character in Doctor Who canon.

We recommend you do not continue reading if you have not seen all the adventures of the tenth Doctor, that is, that of David Tennant. A fact that may sound like a puzzle, but of which we have already given a route not to get lost in the universe of Doctor Who.

The peculiar Jack Harkness

Doctor who

Captain Jack Herkness first appeared in 2005, in the episode The Empty Child, in the era of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Later it was part of other chapters, as well as the spin-off of Doctor Who, the series called Torchwood. Jack has been played to date by a single actor: John barrowman.

As we well know, Jack is, or so we suppose, the mythical being “The Face of Boe”. We know this because the same character suggests it in the season 3 finale of the modern era of Doctor Who, in the episode The Last of the Time Lords. And is that Jack explains that he was the first person from the Boeshane Peninsula to register as a Time Agent, which earned him the nickname “The Face of Boe”.

Back then, both the Doctor and Martha were shocked and the public was too. This has become a fact of the Doctor Who canon although it is not confirmed with all its letters. Either way, he’s an important part of the character and overall story of this long-running British sci-fi series.

From an occurrence to an event from the canon of ‘Doctor Who’

Russell T Davies, a former Doctor Who showrunner, commented on the matter on the New Jersey Star Ledger. Davies explained that it wasn’t exactly planned.

I spent a lot of time thinking about Jack’s immortality, and one day it occurred to me that there was another immortal character on the show. It made me laugh … I have my own personal theories, but the moment it gets too true or too false, the joke dies.

The mystery on the matter is not little, but the relationship between Jack and the Face of Boe is an issue settled for many fans of the series. It’s great any way you look at it, although for the showrunner it was just an occurrence without much background. Now, this aura of mystery has somehow made the matter survive as something memorable and endearing, one of those many that happen in this series. Especially because it makes a lot of sense, and because both, both Jack and the Face of Boe, are surprising and great characters in the universe of Doctor Who.

On the other hand, there is also a small wink on the subject in another episode of Doctor Who. This in the chapter Gridlock (Jam), the third of the third season. And that’s when the Face of Boe calls the Doctor “old friend”, which implies that both characters had already met before. This dialogue was added in post-production thanks to Julie Gardner, executive producer of the show, who also confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2008 that, indeed, “The Face of Boe” is Jack..

There is nothing left but to enjoy this wonderful BBC series that has so much tradition, characters and episodes to enjoy in a big way.

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