Houston Astros today news Opening Day 2021 Major League Baseball in Spanish

The Astros from Houston It seems they are back to being the 2019 team, at least after their first series of the season 2021 from MLB, that of Opening day (Opening Day) and show that for now they don’t need George Springer in the Big leagues.

Perhaps it is too early to proclaim with certainty that the Astros from Houston have put aside the offensive malaise that engulfed them for much of the 2020 season of MLBBut it’s not just 4-0, they have five starters with OPS over 1,000.

If the first four games of this season of the Big leagues are an indication, the supercharged offense of the Astros from Houston should terrify opposing pitchers.

The Astros from Houston closed an impressive four-game sweep over the Oakland Athletics, the defending American League West champions and favorites to win it with a 9-2 victory Sunday at the Oakland Coliseum on homers by Kyle Tucker, Jason Castro and rookie Chas McCormick.

The Astros from Houston Not only did they sweep but they scored 35 runs in four games and their pitching only allowed nine (9) runs.

The Astros, who are 4-0 for the first time since 2001, are the fourth team in the history of MLB in scoring at least eight runs in his first four games, joining the 2003 New York Yankees, the 1995 Boston Red Sox and the 1978 Milwuakee Brewers. Plus, it’s a first in the history of Houston who start 4-0 on the road.

But despite the good start to the Astros from Houston In the season 2021 from MLBSome of their horse and veteran players remain humble and down to earth like third baseman Alex Bregman, who said, “We have to keep our heads down and move on.”

“The guys worked hard in spring training and hit tirelessly in the cage and on the field. They played a lot of games to try and improve their style, and they really didn’t like how they started last year, ”said the manager of the Astros from Houston, Dusty Baker.

As a team, Astros from Houston they hit an offensive line of; .320 / .398 / .565 in their series Opening day 2021 of the Big leagues with eight home runs and 20 extra-base hits.

Yordan Alvarez, the 2019 AL Rookie of the Year who missed most of last season after knee surgery, was 5-for-17 with six RBIs; José Altuve from 16-6; Michael Brantley is 9-6 with four doubles in three games, and Alex Bregman is 12-6 with two home runs.

“You can’t do much better than the start we had. You realize it’s a long season and that not every series is going to be like this, but you have to enjoy it while it lasts, build on it, and go on from there. Our goal was to come here and have some high-octane, offensive games, which we did. And we also have some well-launched games, ”Baker closed.

With information from Will Leitch and Brian McTaggart of MLB.com.

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