‘House of the Dragon’ signs Graham McTavish from ‘Outlander’

Graham McTavish will be in ‘The house of the dragon‘”I can’t really tell you anything about the story, but it involves a lot of dragons.”The house of the dragon‘will premiere on HBO Max in 2022.

HBO does not want the embers of ‘Game of Thrones‘and, for this, nothing like advancing small weekly news about’The house of the dragon‘, the new series set in the world imagined by George RR Martin, who has served on this occasion as co-creator and executive producer.

Today’s update brings us to the confirmation of the Scotsman Graham McTavish as a cast member in a role not yet confirmed. “I am enjoying it, yes. I’m really having a lot of fun, “he says in a statement to Stylist (via The Hollywood Reporter). “We have just started, it is a very big project so we are getting to know each other, they are lovely people. It’s cool, but I can’t say much. I can’t really tell anything about the story, but it involves a lot of dragons. “

McTavish has been a secondary charismatic for years. If you are familiar with his overheated haggis face at noon, you may be familiar with having played good old Dwalin in the sad trilogy of ‘The Hobbit‘, for being Father Kinley in’Lucifer‘, the Saint of Killers of’Preacher‘, Buck MacKenzie in’Outlander‘or Dijkstra in’The witcher‘.

This will be his first foray into Westeros, but it is not the first time he has tried: “I auditioned for Renly, Loras and some of the members of the Night’s Watch. I always stayed at the gates. I’d say, ‘Guys, just give me a sword.’ They were all after those papers ”.

With Ryan Condal Y Miguel Sapochnik as showrunners, and Clare kilner, Geeta V. Patel Y Greg Yaitanes directors, the series will adapt ‘Fire and blood‘, a novel by Martin himself that will take us 300 years before the events seen in’Game of Thrones‘to immerse ourselves in the fiery history of House Targaryen.

The production of ‘The house of the dragon‘began just a few months ago, the date of its premiere on HBO Max places us in 2022.

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