House of Representatives launches second trial against Trump

The House of Representatives yesterday approved making Donald Trump the first US president to face impeachment twice, formally indicting him in his final days in power of inciting an insurrection, a week after a mob of his Supporters stormed the Capitol.

The vote in the House was 232-197. Ten Republicans joined Democrats in backing impeachment.

However, it seems unlikely that an extraordinarily fast impeachment will lead to Trump’s impeachment before the Republican’s four-year term ends and President-elect Democrat Joe Biden takes office on January 20.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected calls by Democrats to call the Senate into an emergency session to initiate impeachment.

It is the Senate that finally determines if the president brought to impeachment is found guilty or is exonerated.

Lawmakers passed a single article of impeachment accusing Trump of « inciting insurrection » over an inflammatory speech he delivered to thousands of supporters shortly before a mob of his supporters swept through the Capitol.

The mob stormed the Capitol and disrupted the formal certification of Biden’s victory over Trump in the Nov.3 election and forced lawmakers to take cover in an episode that left five people dead, including a police officer.

During his speech, Trump repeated false claims that the election was fraudulent and urged his supporters to march on Capitol Hill.

The president « incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our country, » said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House plenary before the vote.

Pelosi signed the document to formalize the impeachment and declared: « No one is above the law, not even the president of the United States. »

Meanwhile, Trump said in a speech, in which he did not mention the impeachment approved in Congress, that he « unequivocally condemned the violence. »

« The violence of the mobs goes against everything I believe in, » he stressed and called on those who encourage him to stop, « whether they are from the left or the right. » « Today I call on all Americans to overcome the passions of the moment and come together as one people, » Trump concluded.

Despite this call for « unity », the social network Snapchat announced that it decided to « permanently » suspend Trump’s account, due to « his attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech and incite violence. »


The Mexican ambassador to the US, Martha Bárcena, will be in charge of representing the country during Joe Biden’s inauguration, confirmed the SRE.

“The United States, historically, its tradition has been to invite only the country’s ambassador who is accredited in Washington,” explained Roberto Velasco, head of dispatch for the undersecretary for North America.

He pointed out that among the priorities of Mexico with the new administration will be to work on achieving greater cooperation for development in the south of our country and the north of Central America, migration, illegal arms trafficking and joint vaccination against covid- 19.



The leader of the Nxivm company, Keith Raniere, sentenced on October 27 to 120 years in prison for sexual offenses and organized crime, among others, sent a letter to Donald Trump asking him to pardon him.

« Like you, Keith Raniere has been an atrocious victim of the media and the Department of (In) Justice, » says the letter stating that, despite no charges of violence, weapons or drugs, « the judge appointed by the Democrats, Nicholas G. Garaufis, sentenced Mr. Raniere to 120 years in prison ”.

The obvious document that the attorney general during the entire process was Richard Donahue, proposed by Trump and who on the day Raniere was found guilty, celebrated the ruling.

The case is full of « horrible injustices » says the document sent by Raniere to Trump. For example, the sex trafficking charge came when « a 29-year-old white actress from a wealthy family had a sexual fantasy between herself and another woman, which Raniere helped facilitate. » The letter alleges that for this fact, the convict « will pay 40 years in prison. »

Before the end of 2020, Trump pardoned a group of 25 convicts, including two Republican lawmakers, an official from his 2016 campaign and four former contractors found guilty of a carnage in Iraq.

With information from: Juan Alberto Vázquez, from New York.