Hotel Eden, from luxury and glamor to ghosts and the horror of femicide

The Eden Hotel is a legend. Its name went from representing the luxury of the beginning of the last century to the links with the presence of the Nazi military in the latter part of the Second World War. In the last half century it has been sold several times, abandoned, occupied, suffered unsuccessful reopening attempts and is the center of paranormal stories. Now he was mentioned again by the femicide of Ivana Module, whose body appeared in the area where her confessed murderer Javier Galván left it .

Built in 1897 by the German businessman Roberto Bahlcke El Edén was thought of as a luxury hotel, and this was the case for decades when presidents, poets and glamorous movie stars of the time passed through its halls and rooms. The building was aimed attract the Argentine upper class and European powerful families who arrived in Córdoba attracted by the beauty of the landscape and the climate, in the city of La Falda, located in the Punilla Valley.

The hotel grew as its reputation as a landmark of luxury and splendor grew. At first, it had two floors, spacious lounges, 100 rooms and only 4 bathrooms per floor. The renovations of later years led to the building It will have 38 bathrooms, a dining room for 250 people and an auxiliary dining room for children and domestic staff , a party room, a reading room, two winter gardens, a bar, a covered gallery and two balconies from which the park with thousands of trees brought from Europe could be appreciated.

Later, golf courses, theater, skating rink, party room, swimming pool and more rooms were added.

Famous personalities at the Eden Hotel

Guests such as Argentine presidents, governors and illustrious figures recognized by the whole world as the Nicaraguan poet stayed at the hotel. Rubén Darío, scientist Albert Einstein, Berta Singerman, Hugo del Carril, Zully Moreno

The official page of the Government of Córdoba mentions that they also stayed in Eduardo de Windsor, at that time Prince of Wales and Humberto II of Italy, Duke of Savoy and heir to the throne of Itali to.

Nazis in Eden

At the end of 1939, seven sailors from the German battleship Admiral Graff Spee sunk in the waters of the Río de La Plata, they reach the building and become employees of it. Just a few weeks before the surrender of Germany In 1945, the hotel was seized from the Eichhorn brothers and the government transformed it into a luxury prison for members of the Japanese diplomatic corps. Two years later, the government of Juan Domingo Perón returns the hotel to its owners.

The elderly Eichhorn brothers decide, after 35 years, to v ender the Eden Hotel to a national private firm known as l as « Three K » made up of businessmen Emilio Kartulovich, Constantino Kamburis and Ascher Kutscher.

This firm contracted a mortgage and could not cancel and took the building to auction in 1953 and after successive sale and opening attempts, it was condemned to abandonment and deterioration, suffering continuous looting and destruction. It was not until 1988 that the Eden hotel was declared a Municipal Historical Monument and a year later of Provincial Interest. He suffered usurpations and legends began to take shape.

Now it is a National Historic Monument and is managed by Emprendimientos Edén SA, which takes advantage of that history as tourist attraction with day and night guided tours , theme parks, recreational spaces and shows-

Myths and legends of Hotel Edén

The Eden hotel established visits of approximately one hour and a half. Recreational-esoteric and mythical in nature and the night visit, based on real testimonies that claim to have seen or perceived the presence of spirits and ghosts at the Eden Hotel.

In 2009 the GHI (Ghost Hunters International) team carried out a series of investigations in the establishment and accredited the paranormal activity in the place.

The visit begins with the projection of an audiovisual that shows u A compilation of stories about urban legends and paranormal phenomena Related to real events, it also addresses German mythology that according to specialized sources on the subject, is reflected in the architecture and Hotel design of this centenary.

Then it is done a totally dark tour together with the guide within the facilities and in the vicinity of the building, always being present the feelings of fear and uncertainty about what is going to happen.

Where is the Eden Hotel located

Ivana Modica, the femicide marked the place