Host of the Hoy Program ends dynamics with severe pain

Host of the Hoy Program ends dynamics with strong pain (Instagram)

Host of the Hoy Program ends dynamics with severe pain | Instagram

The drivers of the Hoy program apparently risk a lot during the broadcast, because the beautiful Galilea Montijo did not end very well one of the fun dynamics of the morning of Televisa and this caused him severe pain. The presenter sang at the top of her lungs of the funniest with her companions, but never imagined that she would leave the screen in great pain.

The famous tapatia interpreted Piel Morena de Thalía at the top of her lungs and with her characteristic style of humor when Raúl “El Negro” Araiza He wanted to intervene in his singing and caused a tremendous impact with the microphone.

The driver of the Hoy Program arrived so suddenly that his movement caused the microphone to collide with the actress’s tooth, something that surely hurt a lot and made her shut up immediately and then put her hand to her mouth.

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Galilea Montijo quickly bent down and withdrew from the microphone, while Raúl Araiza hugged her and went back with her to see what had happened. This happened during the section Song war, in which the charismatic conductors of the Today Program line up to sing according to the dynamics. The bad thing was that this time, the game did not end well at all.

It is unknown if the situation passed to greater, since after the incident Paul stanley it ended the game and they cut the recording; However, apparently this did not have a bad time, since Montijo could be observed commenting on the situation and laughing at it.

Frequently, these types of incidents or errors occur during the broadcasts of the Program. TodayThis is because Televisa’s famous variety show is recorded live and anything could happen.

Even, in the past, the morning was forced to broadcast from outside by TelevisaThis is because during the broadcast, an earthquake was recorded that triggered the seismic alert and the workers quickly proceeded to evacuate the building.

The live show made it clear that Televisa workers are prepared on how they should act in the event of a claim, fortunately in this case it did not happen to adults. In this situation the drivers dispersed to leave and it was to the outskirts of the building that they rejoined again to talk about the situation.

Currently, the Today Program led by the producer Andrea Rodríguez Doria it has been filled with rumors about changes and its audience levels. It has transpired that after the departure of Magda Rodríguez the audience points have collapsed.

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Some say that Andrea Rodríguez was in charge because she was Magda’s sister; However, the producer has pointed out that nobody stays there out of pain and that it is their work that keeps them there. He pointed out that days after Magda Rodríguez’s departure, an executive questioned her about what she wanted to do and assured that, following her sister’s wishes, she chose to stay at the helm of Hoy, even when they were not her wishes in that moment.

Rodríguez Doria has pointed out that these months without Magda have been very complicated, both personally and professionally. The rumors, he pointed out, affect him too much, since now it is his name that is in front of them and before it was his sister who faced them, he added, that she had “tough skin” for that.