Horror in Arizona: a mother killed her 7 and 9-year-old children because she “heard voices”

Terror in Arizona.

Photo: Tempe Police / Courtesy

A mom of Arizona she was charged with the murder of her two children. Authorities revealed that the woman told them that “He had heard voices” that ordered him to kill them.

Yui Inoue The 40-year-old was arrested for first-degree murder in Tempe, Arizona, following the deaths of her 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, Central Arizona reported Sunday.

The event shocked the town, which is awaiting initial investigations.

The mother drove of her own free will to the local police station and at around 7 am on Saturday told an officer that she had killed her children. “He heard voices telling him to kill them,” said Tempe police spokesman Sgt. Steven Carbajal.

“A policeman was going out to his normal duties when she called him, she was dismayed”Carbajal said.

The policemen immediately went to the woman’s apartment and there they found the girl and the boy with “Obvious signs of violence.”

“It is so unfortunate that 9- and 7-year-olds who depend on their parents, especially their mother, are involved in such a tragic event.”

Police said the uniformed men had been in the department hours earlier on Saturday due to a dispute between the woman and her husband.

Police said they had found the minors to be fine and in bed by the time they visited the home. They found nothing abnormal to call social services. There was no previous record of violence within the family.

“There was nothing to indicate an immediate threat to the children,” the officer said. “Parents argue and have differences that most of the times do not need any other type of intervention.”

The father was not in the apartment where the police found the bodies. “He fell apart” when he learned what happened, Carbajal said of the moment the news was delivered to the man.

The police have not provided further details of the mechanics of the events.

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