Horrible tragedy: man in wheelchair was attacked by his pit bulls in Brooklyn, New York

Pit bull: a very aggressive breed.

Photo: Osvaldo Flores / UnSplash

A man in a wheelchair was found dead with bites all over his body apparently caused by his three pit bulls, in his mobile home in Brooklyn (NYC), according to police and police sources.

The 39-year-old unidentified victim suffered from cerebral palsy. He was found unconscious at his home on Dumont Avenue, near Ruby Street, in East New York, authorities said.

His ears were torn and he had suffered lacerations and puncture wounds that seemed to have been caused by their dogs. The office of the medical examiner from the city seeks determine if he died mutilated by his dangerous pets or if he had died of natural causes before being attacked for them, police said.

The dogs were removed by services of “Animal Care and Control,” reported New York Post. In recent months, at least two children have been attacked by pit bulls in their homes in New Jersey.

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