Horacio Villalobos cruelly mocks Chiquis Rivera in live program | Instagram

The driver, Horacio Villalobos, scoffed in a very heavy of the singer Chiquis Rivera in the program « Come joy », something that certainly was not at all liked by her or the public.

Horacio has only a few months of arriving at the program, but he has undoubtedly shown that he is not afraid of what they will say and is 100% honest with their opinions.

Just like showed yesterday when he made a strong mockery of Jenni Rivera’s oldest daughter.

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This happened after Blanca Martines presented a interview that he made to Chiquis where he gave some details of his reconciliation with Lorenzo Méndez.

But there was something that quite called AttentionChiquis had his office adorned with the promotion of his diet book Keto and Horacio of course gave his opinion on it.

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The driver made a mockery and pointed out that Lorenzo and Chiquis were they fought for a sandwich and also questioned whether the singer is really doing this diet.

Did they fight over what? For a sandwich that the Chiquis wanted to eat and no longer ate and Keto has already entered the diet, hopefully the Chiquis will do it? « Villalobos pointed out.

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As expected, Blanca quickly came out in defending Chiquis Rivera and assured that if he complies with that diet.

These harsh comments have made Horacio get into serious problems More than once, even many viewers have asked to be removed from the show.

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It is worth mentioning that in recent weeks the TV Azteca channel has considerably lowered its numbers in rating, in comparison with Televisa, which increasingly increases its audience.

This has also been after the wave of infections What has happened on the company’s recording sets, because now viewers think that they do not take things seriously and above all responsibility.