The former player of Chicago Bulls Horace Grant He has unmarked himself with a spectacular crack against his partner Michael Jordan and, more particularly, about what counts in the acclaimed ESPN documentary The Last Dance.

In an interview on ESPN, Grant has been very clear about what MJ has to say: “It is a clear, absolute, tremendous lie. Lie, lie, lie. If MJ had a grudge against me, we could have fixed the issue as men.”

And he explains what he thinks about what Jordan has said in The Last Dance: “We could have talked. Or we could have solved it in another way. But telling a lie in which I am the source in the book (refers to a reference that makes the Sam Smith’s ‘The Jordan Rules’ book.) I’m friends with Sam, but he’s an investigative journalist and had to rely on other sources to write what he wrote in the locker room. Why did MJ have to target me? ” .

And he continues to attack Jordan and the documentary: “It is just a grudge, man. I tell you, it was just a grudge. And I think he showed it during this documentary call. When you say something about him, he will cut you, he will try to destroy your character. “

Grant is not the only ex-partner of MJ who is not satisfied with how the documentary comes to a standstill, which is clear that it was done with the permission of MJ and leaves almost all of his colleagues regular at some point in the plot.