The tension grows by leaps and bounds in ‘The Strong House’. Ferre and Fani Carbajo entered the reality as friends after meeting in ‘Survivors’, but they have grown apart with the passage of weeks and the fights, which have also involved their respective partners. This Thursday, Ferre has exploded and has threatened to reveal a very controversial comment that Fani made behind the back of Christofer Guzmán. According to Lepe’s, he could end his marriage plans.

Christofer and Fani, in ‘The strong house’

After turning the matter over and over, it was Labrador who opened the ban and dropped a bomb, not the only one: « Fani said: ‘I am looking forward to the shooting of Christofer and that Rubén will be put in me and thus I will do my round program«  » He dropped an alleged plan to repeat the strategy of ‘The island of temptations’. Fani flatly denied it, but Oriana assured that he had also heard it.

« I swear to God, that’s a lie. When did I say that? » Fani asked her partner. The news did not seem to affect Christofer at all: « I don’t believe it« He affirmed. Convinced that they were inventions of his companions, he added angrily: » That you are not going to get it, buy yourself another life, that you have my balls with so much nonsense. « 

Ferre did not consent to being called a liar and told everything: « You said: ‘I am going to marry Christofer so that they pay me the cover and later I sell the divorce« , revealed. Faced with the astonishment of the rest of the inhabitants, Fani recognized the comment, but with nuances: »I said that, yes, but in a joke. Oriana, Cristina and I were there, « recalled Carbajo. » I am not looking for a baby nor am I going to get pregnant if I later seek a divorce for a cover, « she reflected.

Change in the room

Ferre went further and recalled his time in ‘Survivors’: « There you told me that you were not in love with him, so don’t look for my language, » the Andalusian settled without wanting to go deeper into the subject. However, the ceremony is still scheduled for August 28, although it does not seem that Ferre will be invited. « My wedding continues. And if the test comes out negative, we will continue searching. Fuck whoever he fucks, « Fani exclaimed. Later, she and Christofer had to leave their room so that Ferre and Cristina Gilabert would occupy it, who now also have 10,000 euros in their safe.