Honoring at 40

This comment is directed to Nelson Cruz, who is awaiting a contract for 2021 when he will turn 41. Cruz was born on the 1st. July 1980 and the last two years has been very good.

In 2019, for example, he hit 41 home runs with 108 RBIs for Minnesota. He gave those 41 tablazos in 454 official shifts and had a ratio of 1 hour for every 11.1 shifts. In 2020 he had 185 shifts, 16 home runs, a ratio of 11.6.

Is this normal or is Nelson putting out exceptional numbers for his age? It is assumed that a Major League Baseball player develops his best potential between the ages of 25-35, and that from then on he begins to decline, his reflexes diminish and so does his home run power.

David Ortiz played his last 2016 season at age 40 (he was born in November 1975), but he was months away from turning 41. That year he hit 38 home runs and drove in 127 laps, and everyone asked him to continue another season. But he had previously announced that this would be his last for reasons of physical ailments. Those 38 home runs occurred in 537 at-bats, a ratio of 1 Hr. for every 14.1 shifts. The year before, at 39, Ortiz shot 37 with 108 RBIs.

Barry Bonds was born in 1964, on July 24. In his 40-year-old campaign in 2004 with San Francisco, he hit 45 home runs in 373 at-bats because he was not allowed to hit, giving him 232 walks. His ratio was 8.3 at-bats per home run. Bonds would play another three years (until 2007, and I always had the impression that he did not continue because he was “retired”.

Alex Rodríguez was born on July 25, 1975. When he was 40 years old in 2015, he hit 33 home runs in 523 chances, a ratio of 16.2 at-bats per home run. The following year he played only 65 games for the Yankees and then retired.

Hank Aaron (755 home runs, in times when the word steroids was not known in baseball), was born in 1934. In his 40-year campaign, 1974, playing for Atlanta, he hit 20 home runs in 382 at-bats, a 1Hr ratio. For every 19.1 turns. He would play two more years shooting 12 and 10 home runs per year.

Willie Mays shot 18 at age 40, Manny Ramirez left baseball at age 39 .. Vladimir Guerrero also played until age 39, and so on.

OF INTEREST:I remind you that the Listin Diario interview with Nelson Cruz is available on the networks of this newspaper .. You can also find a conversation with colleague Osvaldo Rodríguez Suncar, held this Thursday, giving details of the accident in which he was involved when two criminals They chased and shot his car at the exit of San Pedro de Macorís .. That happened last Monday, and you can also find that video in Listin (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.)… .. Colombian Nabil Crismart He pitches for the Stars and on Wednesday he hit 5 zeros to the Eagles in Santiago. Crismart pitched with San Luis this past major league season and appeared in 6 relay games. It seems like a good import… Ricardo Carty had an operation on his knee here and is now at his home in San Pedro. There was no need to travel to Atlanta, as had been reported in principle. The Cibao Giants announce the Venezuelan outfielder Odúbel Herrera, formerly of the Phillies. In 2019, this man was suspended mid-season for violence against his girlfriend, and in 2020 he did not play because the Phillies broke off relations with him. Odubel accused the Phillies manager of demanding that he remove his beard and trim his hair, and there was a big mess. Right now he’s a free agent and if he’s fit and focused he could be one of the best players in the league. Hit to the left, shoot to the right.… He is 28 years old, so he can recover his career… The Licey and Toros match in La Romana is suspended again .. The next visit of the Blues to Romana will be on 2 December, and a 7-inning double shock could be played, although it falls on Tuesday … Maybe they could put it on another date…. Now the dedications of events to the new government officials, who are already 3 months old, are fashionable in the country … They are not soon due to sporting merits, it is for them to seek financing for events … This is how the amateur movement works … . In New York they ordered to close schools due to the outbreak of Covid-19 … Here the daily sum returned to a thousand people, although the Government announced in the middle of this week that all this was under control … Donald Trump maintains his kick, and possibly extend it until January 20, when Joe Biden takes office … A foolish politician, like many …

TODAY: In the Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium, Stars visit the Chosen One, Licey visit the Giants, the Eagles to the Bulls … The Eagles “cannot lose today” because they would be 1-4, a very ugly record … That club has tremendous talent, but they still “don’t know how to win.”