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More and more manufacturers are betting on TWS (True Wireless Stereo) wireless headphones, promising the perfect balance between sound and long autonomy. On this occasion, we have to thank the Aliexpress Digital Museum for sending us these new Honor Earbuds 2 Lite which have fascinated me.

First of all, I would like to comment that on the dates that I am testing it, they have not yet been presented and therefore it may be that there are details of the software that will improve as OTA updates come out.

The price of these headphones will be between 85 and 120 euros, depending on where we buy them and the current offers. I would also like to comment that in the first three days after they go on sale (from July 19 to 23), they will be able to be purchased with an introductory offer equivalent to a 50% discount, which leaves these headphones with a very good price and a highly recommended purchase option. They are also shipped in three days from Spain.

We leave you the link with a discount code:

Discount code: 05EARBUDS
Honor Earbuds 2 Lite in the Aliexpress Digital Museum store

These headphones come in a white box with the make and model in the upper left and a photograph showing the design of the headphones. On the back are the most notable features and specifications of these Honor Earbuds 2 Lite, the manufacturer’s postal address and the recycling stamps.

Inside the cardboard box, are the headphones. As is customary, they are inside their box covered by a translucent paper. Below is the cable USB to USB type C 1 meter long in white, a safety guide, the user guide in different languages ​​including: Spanish, English, Russian, Italian, French etc. And a couple of different sized ear pads.

Everything we could hope for is coming. I would like to clarify that the size of the USB to USB type C cable is identical to what usually comes in smartphones, something that I find very positive.


These Honor Earbuds 2 Lite have the latest and most modern version of Bluetooth connectivity, specifically it uses the Bluetooth version 5.2 of low consumption that increases the range and improves the transmission of audio data between the sending device (for example, the smartphone). and the receiver (headphones).

It is compatible with audio codecs AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), SBC (Subband Codec, which is a standard audio coding technology in bluetooth devices) which provide high quality sound.

As I said, and as it happens in this new type of headphones, thanks to the manufacturer’s application we will be able to receive updates that improve performance and that can offer us new functionalities.

Headphone touch control

Practically all the headphones that come out today on the market, have buttons to directly interact with the smartphone and not have to take it out of the pocket. In this case they are touch buttons.

Next, I leave you a brief summary about the touches that the Honor EarBuds 2 Lite allow:

When we do Double click In any of the headphones, we will answer calls or play and / or pause music from our smartphone or device. Yes we hold down a headset, it will start the different modes that this headset has. These are: alert mode (Awareness mode), activate noise cancellation and deactivate it.

I miss is the possibility of adjust volume from the headphones themselves sliding your finger on the touch button. This is functionality that if they had my first headphones of this type.

The headphones ‘awarenes mode’ enables the external microphones used for active noise cancellation to be activated. In this way, if we start a conversation we can hear what the person is saying more clearly.

As far as the game mode is concerned, I have done different tests with different types of games, and personally I think that they do not provide any tactical advantage at least with games like “Call of Duty Mobile” or “shotters”. The delays and latency they offer are quite large. Surely in games that are not competitive and multiplayer they can be an ideal complement.

AI Live app

These headphones, according to the quick start guide that comes in the box, are compatible with the application AI Live available for Android and iOS from the Google Play app store and AppStore. In addition, and as expected, it is also available in Huawei’s own application store, the AppGallery.

This application is very similar to others that we can find in the market. In fact, it reminds me of the application that Xiaomi has, the “Mi Home” or even that of the manufacturer Realme the “Realme Link”, which offer the possibility of connecting the home automation devices of each of the brands.

I would like to be able to tell you about the application and the configuration that is done through it, but as I will show you in the screenshots that I will leave you below, the new Honor Earbuds 2 Lite could not yet be added and therefore I could pair them to the “AI Live” app.

The way I have had to link them to my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G has been in the traditional way, through the Bluetooth configuration. To do this, I have activated Bluetooth in the connectivity settings menu of the smartphone and I have searched for the device to be able to pair it.

Finally, and before ending this section, there is a way to reset the headphones to factory mode without the need for the app. To do this and as indicated in the quick start guide, by pressing the button on the side of the box for 10 seconds, we can reset the settings. On the other hand, pressing this same button for 2 seconds will enter pairing mode. The LED that incorporates the box will blink white and we can now link them to our smartphone. By default, the first time we take them out of the box, the headphones go into pairing mode.

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