As every Thursday today a new episode of Conectando plays, the Androd4all Spanish podcast where we analyze the latest news, applications and phones from the Android world and technology in general. If last week we told you how to survive the forty that have been imposed on us by COVID-19 or also called coronavirus, today is the turn to talk about smartphones again, more specifically from one of the most anticipated terminals of the year.

Because just a few hours ago, the Chinese brand Huawei has presented its new top of the range, the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro + with which the Asian firm wants to regain the leadership of the high range. Although it will not be easy.

What is life like after Google? We analyze the latest from Huawei in Connecting episode 47

Even with the coronavirus, the marks do not rest. Today the Chinese firm Huawei has announced its new top of the range. The Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro + have everything that an Android phone should have except one essential thing, Google services. Can Huawei survive without Google at its side? We discuss it in Connecting, episode 47.

But this will not be the last news that we are going to deal with because Huawei has not been the only firm that has presented new and interesting devices. Redmi, Nokia and even Apple have something to tell us about it. Of course we are not going to forget to answer all the questions you ask us through social networks. And watch out! Because we have an important message to give you, so you better stay until the end of the episode.

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