Honduran children are the majority in shelters in Mexico

Honduran children MexicoTwo children from the state of Michoacán, who were returned after their father’s case was rejected.

The number of kids migrants that in 2021 they have tried to reach the US has multiplied by nine in Mexico, where shelters to care for these minors are overwhelmed, the United Nations Children’s Fund warned this Monday (Unicef).

«My heart broke to see the suffering of so many kids and young girls, including babies, on the Mexican border with the US, “he said. Jean gough, regional director of Unicef for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Panama.

«Most of the reception centers that I visited in Mexico are already saturated and cannot accommodate the growing number of kids, girls, adolescents and families who emigrate to the north, “Gough added in a statement after concluding a five-day visit to the North American country.

Children play at a Mexican asylum seeker camp next to the Paso del Norte International Bridge in Ciudad Juárez. (Photo by Paul Ratje / AFP)

Honduras tops

According Unicef, The number of kids, girls and adolescents migrants reported in Mexico has increased considerably so far this year, from 380 to almost 3,500.

The Mexican authorities detect an average of 275 migrants more while they wait to enter the United States or after being returned, warned Unicef.

“We are deeply concerned that the living conditions of the kids, girls, adolescents and mothers migrants in Mexico they may soon deteriorate further, ”said Gough.

Unicef indicated that in many Mexican shelters, the minors, who mostly come from Honduras, but there are also Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, they represent at least 30% of the migrants, the highest percentage ever recorded.

“Central American families are not emigrating, they are fleeing” from their countries of origin, Gough said. Then why would they come back? Often there is nothing they can come back for, ”he added.

UNICEF “urgently” requested $ 23 million to provide Mexico’s most vulnerable groups with access to quality education and basic services.

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