Honda has announced that in 2024 it will launch two new electric models for the American market – the United States and Canada – in cooperation with General Motors.

These will be two models exclusive to Honda, but which will be based on GM’s new global electric platform, will use GM Ultimun batteries and will be assembled in American GM plants. And they will also incorporate GM’s OnStar security service, which will be integrated into the HondaLink system, and some GM autonomous driving levels.

The announcement has been sparse. There are no further details. Neither the type of vehicles, nor their size or power or autonomy levels. In the USA it is speculated that they would be two electric models that could be of the ‘type’ CR-V and Accord.

GM’s global platform for electric vehicles was recently introduced and allows 19 different configurations of batteries and powertrains. Ultimun batteries have been made in collaboration with LG Chem.

Honda USA announced that this is a first agreement and that new possibilities are being explored. Honda is an ‘atypical’ company in today’s automotive world, one of the few builders that remains independent rather than under the umbrella of a large group and has only one luxury division, which operates under the Acura brand in some markets. selected.

However, to deal with electrification and autonomous driving, the Japanese firm has reached specific agreements with General Motors. There are cooperation agreements in force in 2013 for the development of Fuel Cell technology that has resulted in more than 1,200 patents, and a newly created joint company is expected to start production of these fuel cells by the end of 2020. Also in the field of batteries. Also, there are joint works for the development of autonomous vehicles, which was reflected in the Cruise Origin, an autonomous shared car. Previously, there were some collaborations –in the mid-90s– through Isuzu.

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