Honda monkey is updated for 2022

After a short hiatus in 2018 Honda revived the little Monkey and now for its 2022 model year it has made some changes not to keep it up to date but also to improve its performance, consumption and even sound which produces its new exhaust system which has received some modifications.

Honda Monkey 125 2022

Of course, its small print and characteristic design remain practically intact as they are its main attraction and aesthetically the only change that is announced is the exhaust. Specifically, the muffler design was changed, which is now simple, which supposedly gives the Honda Monkey a little more performance and a better exhaust sound.

In mechanical terms, it has the same 124 cm3 engine as the Grom, homologated to meet the Euro 5 emissions standard. air-cooled, debuts new intake and a new catalyst, and announces 9.3 horsepower. In addition, the four-speed transmission was changed for a five-speed one that partly helps to improve its consumption calculated in 1.5L / 100, about 378 km / g!

Honda Monkey 125 2022 03

Honda Monkey 125 2022

Obviously it is still a purely urban motorcycle, if not what its maximum speed of 91 km / h says, but in any case the Honda Monkey does not fall short in appeal. In the same way, Being focused on countries where motorcycle safety is a priority, ABS is included as standard for the brakes.

The Honda Monkey 2022 update will begin to be available starting next August in three color options: Pearl Glittering Blue (blue), Banana Yellow (yellow) and Pearl Nebula Red (red). Its price in the United Kingdom is 3,899 pounds, just over 20 million pesos; It is not surprising then that it is not offered in Colombia.

Honda Monkey 125 2022 05

Honda Monkey 125 2022

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