Honda leads the segment, followed by Yamaha

The used motorcycle market registered 29,940 units transferred in January, a growth of 1.21%, since 29,628 operations had been registered in January 2020, reported the Motorcycle Division of the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara).

In the month-on-month comparison, a 4.3% decrease compared to December, by transferring 31,272 units, Acara expanded.

In January 27,835 motorcycles were transferred (3.9% less than in December); 969 scooters (-7.5%); 709 quadricycles (-12.9%); 284 other vehicles (-4.7%); 143 mopeds (-4.4%), with a daily average of 1,497 units, 13.8% less than the 1,737 of the previous month.

The brand that continues to lead the used market is Honda, with 29.3% of operations, more than doubling Yamaha with 13.8%, and which continues to outperform Zanella, which reached 9.7% of the total.

The top five was completed in January without great news, with Motomel fourth, with a growing market share of 9%, Corven fifth with 5.9% and Guerrero sixth with 5.1 percent.

In conclusion, the entity highlighted that in the January-December comparison, although transfers fell 4%, patents increased 32%; and that in the annual accumulated, while transfers grew 1%, patents did 8 percent.


New models


For its part, the sales of 0 kilometer motorcycles reached 28,441 units in January, which meant a rise of 7.2% compared to the same month of 2020, and an increase of 32.1% compared to December, reported the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (Acara).

« The year started better than expected and the great factors that explain this good moment are still present, many people approached the motorcycle in recent months due to the need to use alternative means to public transport », said Ricardo Salomé, president of Acara, in a statement.

In this context, he mentioned the second stage of the Plan Mi Moto credit line, from Banco de la Nación Argentina, which he described as « very successful and valued. »

« When joint actions are coordinated between the private and public sectors, the results appear and the benefits are for all parties, mainly for the people, » he said.