Honda is open to new alliances to “lower the price” electric cars

Honda HR-V rear

Even if Sling walk alone, your position in the automotive industry is one of the strongest. Perhaps it is because of its way of managing the different divisions that make it up, but also because it is measured. This can be a plus in situations of “relative” calm, but not to face the challenge of electric mobility. Especially if you have a legion of rivals betting billions of dollars in investments to develop this technology.

So as not to lose step, Honda has opted for two solutions. On the one hand, partnering with one of your toughest and oldest rivals: Toyota. In this case, rather than competing, they have a cooperative relationship that benefits both. On the other hand, they decided to jump into the void and ally with General Motors to use the Ultium technology created by the Yankees. But there is more, since would be willing to a third alliance with a goal.

Honda would be willing to make a new alliance with a third partner, but what manufacturer would be willing …?

And you will ask yourself, what is the objective that this new association would support? Well simple: make the price of electric vehicles affordable for the general public. This is one of the reasons, in addition to the charging time of the batteries and the autonomy, why they do not finish curdling. In addition to the fact that, together with more partners, the money needed for its development would be less, since it would have to be distributed among a greater number of “players”.

According Toshihiro Mibe’s statements, CEO of Honda, at a recent press conference …

“If through an alliance, Honda can achieve early what it should be, then we would be willing to form an alliance” […] “Building an alliance will become a great direction in terms of increase the number of electric vehicles, considering that electrification is not commercially viable at this time »

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If we take into account the words of the head of Honda, we might think that they would have a rival in their sights. But if we take a look at the sector, we cannot think of what could be the «ideal bed companion for the Japanese firm». The goal of its union with General Motors is North AmericaTherefore, in Europe and Asia they would, in principle, have a free hand to “marry” a third party who is independent.

Be that as it may, Honda will have to hurry to find this new partner. If they want to achieve this goal, it is important that they choose well, because by 2040 they only want to sell zero-emission cars. We could still see a brainstorming with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, with Mazda, Suzuki and even go further with Toyota. We will have to be very attentive to the possible movements that occur in the coming months.

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