Its 2.0-liter engine develops 320 horsepower

Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / hour in 5.7 seconds

The Honda Civic Type R is the sportiest version of the Japanese model. It has a more aggressive aesthetic, a specific tuning and a 2.0-liter engine with 320 horsepower. The Limited Edition version, one of the two that come from the hand of the 2020 version of the model, serves as the Safety Car of the WTCR.

He Honda Civic Type R It is the most radical and capable variant of the Japanese compact. The changes compared to the other versions are evident and notable both from an aesthetic and a dynamic point of view. It faces rivals like the Renault Mégane R.S., the Ford Focus ST or the Volkswagen Golf GTI, all of them front-wheel drive but somewhat less powerful. Its 2020 version, to which two unpublished versions such as the Sport Line and the Limited Edition are added, represents the mid-cycle renewal of the current generation, and will be present at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.


He Honda Civic Type R It presents a clearly differentiated aesthetic from its range brothers. Its 2020 version differs from the previous one in the presence of more voluminous air intakes and in the arrival of a new blue color for the body called Boost Blue.

The current generation of the Type R features a wider body than the conventional one, redesigned bumpers, more bulky wheel arches, an air diffuser in the rear and the huge rear spoiler, traditional in the model. All these elements are capable of generating 30 kilos of downforce at 200 kilometers / hour. It also has three centrally located exhaust outlets.

The wheels fitted as standard to the Honda Civic Type R they are 20 inches, and they house some tires Continental Sport Conect 6 series developed specifically for this vehicle.

The body of the Honda Civic Type R It can be painted in six different colors in addition to the new Blue Boost, which are Rallye Red, Championship White, Sonic Gray, Polished Metal, Gray Black, Crystal Black and Brilliant Sporty Blue.

The total weight of the car in its 2018 version is 1380 kilos.


The interior of the Honda Civic Type R It is approved for four passengers. In the front there are some sports seats in the red and black bacquet style with the inscription Type R in the back. This chromatic duality is repeated throughout the entire interior. The 2020 version adds a steering wheel upholstered in Alcantara.

The digital dashboard allows a high degree of customization. It shows information according to a sports car in addition to the usual ones seen in a conventional vehicle.

The gear shift knob is metallic, while the parking brake is electric. Next to it is a plate that numbers each Honda Civic Type R of the present generation.

He trunk It has a capacity of 420 liters, a figure that rises to 1,209 in the case of folding down the rear seats.


He Honda Civic Type R incorporates as standard elements such as Honda Sensing, which includes systems such as the warning for involuntary lane change, the blind spot control or the automatic braking assistant, the led headlights, the Honda Connect with Garmin navigator, the front and rear parking sensors and the charging point for induction for Smartphones.

The 2020 version of the Type R incorporates the Active Sound Control system, designed to amplify the engine sound in the passenger compartment.


The engine that drives the Honda Civic Type R It is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder capable of developing a power of 320 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400 Newton meter. Thanks to it, you can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / hour in 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 272 km / hour.

The gearbox associated with the engine is six-speed manual, while the drive system is front. Gear ratios have been shortened in the 2020 version of the Type R.

The car incorporates a system that emulates the heel-to-toe maneuver during downshifts by matching engine revs with those of the transmission. It also has a Torsen type self-locking differential that allows up to 37% blocking during acceleration. This is helped by a selective torque distribution system called Agile Handling Assist that acts on the brakes whose mission is to prevent the inner wheel from turning freely.

After modifying the rear suspension of the Typer R In its last update, which became a multi-link instead of a torsional axle, Honda has now tweaked the front suspension to reduce friction and improve steering feel. Shock absorbers have also been redesigned to increase ride comfort. The grip has also been improved by introducing stiffer rear axle mounts.

The shock absorbers are of variable hardness with three positions, while the brakes are from the Brembo brand. In the front axle the discs are ventilated 350 millimeters, while in the rear they are 305 millimeter discs.

There are three driving modes to select from. They are the ‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’ and ‘+ R’. Each and every one of them acts on the engine response, on the suspension and on the steering.


He Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition It is a more extreme and lightened version of the Japanese sports compact, of which only 100 units will be sold in Europe. It features forged 20-inch BBS alloy wheels and Michelin Cup 2 tires, as well as modifications to the shock absorbers and steering adjustment.

Aesthetically this Limited Edition offers an exclusive body color, yellow Sunlight Yellow, which contrasts with elements such as the dark chrome-plated Civic insignia or the glossy black paint on the roof, the exterior mirrors and the hood air vent. Inside are red surround seats and a red Alcantara steering wheel, plus a teardrop-style gear stick knob. Each unit will have a plate with its number.

The dynamic improvement of this special edition of the Honda Civic Type R also has to do with a weight loss cure of 47 kilos of which the Japanese manufacturer has not given more details. Of course, the car maintains the set of driving aids and Honda Sensing safety systems.

This special edition of Honda Civic Type R serves as Safety Car in the 2020 edition of the World Touring Car Championship, the WTCR. Its design is the result of the work of Belgian artist Vanuf, who has created a large number of official Honda racing model designs in the passenger car category. The 2020 WTCR season will consist of six rounds on European circuits and will kick off at the Salzburgring circuit in Austria on the weekend of September 12-13. Honda will participate with four Civic Type R TCR units.


He Honda Civic Type R Sport Line maintains model performance with a more discreet image. This comes by replacing the characteristic large rear wing with a smaller one. It also sports an accentuated gray line that runs along the bottom edge of the car. The body can be painted in the same colors offered by the Type R GT, that is, the conventional one.

The Type R Sport Line also features dark gray 19-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sports 4S tires. Inside are wraparound black seats with red stitching complemented by the new teardrop-style gear stick knob and an Alcantara steering wheel. The multimedia system screen is seven inches, incorporates DAB radio and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


For the moment, we have been behind the wheel of the 2018 version of the Honda Civic Type R. Is it the most impressive sports compact there is today? Yes, at all levels. Because as much as one has seen it in photos it is a car that impresses when you have it in front of you for the first time. Its lush aerodynamics is to blame, especially in a rear where the huge rear wing gives it a very distinguished personality. Also the triple exhaust outlet in the central position, although I have to admit that I expected an even more harsh and decibel-laden sound from it. The same goes for the interior, in which sporty seats that ensure optimum grip in all situations are particularly striking.

But let’s go by parts. And the first is to point out that our test was carried out solely and exclusively on circuit, specifically in the Jarama. In this way we can only talk about sensations on the edge, far beyond what anyone can –or, at least, should– experience on the road. But that is precisely the habitat in which the Honda Civic Type R. It was born by and to offer emotions on a race track, even though after its last update its character has softened. Now equip a multi-link front suspension instead of a torsional axle. The day-to-day thanks to the Japanese compact thanks you.

The day of our test was not, let’s say, ideal. Heavy rain and wind. Bad combination for a front-wheel drive of such power. One would have been especially cautious in the face of something like this, but to count on Borja Garcia as a ‘coach’ in the passenger seat reassures, especially if he says, literally, “calm, run as much as you want that nothing will happen”. Said and done.

The great doubt that one has when getting behind the wheel of the Honda Civic Type R is knowing how it is capable of transmitting its 320 horses to the ground. It does this only through the front axle, which looks like a magnet for loss of traction. Nothing is further from reality, since the differential does an extraordinary job. Not even on the wet floor of the Jarama did I notice a single loss of motor skills. But beware, this does not mean that you have to accelerate with your head, especially when doing it in support. The car won’t do all the work!

Another thing to highlight about Honda Civic Type R it is your manual change. The lever, small in size, has a short and precise travel, with a very mechanical touch. Exactly what one expects from a racing car. I was also very pleased with the gear ratios, which make having the engine in the proper rev range practically natural. This, by the way, changes its character remarkably depending on the chosen driving mode. They are three, the Comfort, he Sport and the + R. I did not activate the latter, which was not the day for virguerías.

These driving modes also influence the response of the suspension and the steering. Regarding the first, note that it is brilliant in any case. It shows a little less hardness than in the previous model, but not a decrease in its effectiveness at high speed. The Jarama is a track where the car works, and at no time did it stop giving a feeling of neutrality and nobility despite announcing a weight distribution of 62.5 / 37.5. He Honda Civic Type R it is as easy as a car of this type can be when driving fast. The steering, meanwhile, is precise and perfectly conveys the car’s reactions. If you have to fault it, it is a steering wheel rim that surely would have accepted somewhat more thickness.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the effectiveness of the braking system, which is the responsibility of the specialist Brembo. The pedal feel is firm and consistent, especially at the beginning of braking, which is typical of sports vehicles. And not only that, but the passage of the laps did not lower its performance despite the demands of a circuit. Wet, yes, but a circuit after all.


The starting price of the Honda Civic Type R 2020 is 45,300 euros for the Sport Line version. The GT, which is the conventional one, starts at 45,800 euros, while the Limited Edition version has not yet communicated a figure.


Date Upgrade 06/30/2020 The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is chosen as the Safety Car of the WTCR. 02/20/2020 Honda presents the new Civic Type R Limited Edition and Sport Line. 01/10/2020 Honda reveals the first data and images of the Civic Type R 2020. 12/25/2019 We tested the Honda Civic Type R on the Jarama circuit. 06/24/2017 Honda reveals the data and photos of the Civic Type R.

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