Honda Civic Hatchback: Controversial European “Inspired” Sportiness

“Dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry.” This is the saying that best defines the attitude you are having Sling to present, and sell, the Eleventh generation Civic. Its compact, which is less and less compact, is one of the most successful products in the manufacturer’s history. In case you don’t know, still, the first generation came to the world in 1972 and, since then, In the US alone it has sold more than 12 million units.

The problem is that SUV’s and crossovers they are eating the natural terrain of compacts and saloons. To this must be added the Brexit crisis, which forced the brand to rethink its strategy of global models. Yes, because the new Civic has been created to be liked in all markets where the brand is present. Now, after presenting the sedan, they breastfeed with the Honda Civic Hatchback Official Debut. We tell you what we know …

The rear and roof line of the new Honda Civic Hatchback is more daring and sporty …

As we already knew, because Honda itself announced it like this, Civic Hatchbak aesthetics start from what the sedan looks like. However, beyond having “ripped” the third volume, tipping the roof line even more or retouching the rear, it has differentiating design elements. First of all, because the front grill leave the plot of horizontal sheets to release hexagonal ones. The rest of the elements remain unchanged …

The side view, as we just mentioned, is the one that assumes the most changes. First, because when you lose the third volume you see your outer size trimmed to 12.4 centimeters. The roofline is more fluid and dynamic, with a more pronounced arc in true coupe style. Now he seems more elegant than the outgoing generation, although he loses some of the aggressiveness that characterized him. Of course, the alloy wheels fit you wonderfully.

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Ultimately we have the back. The optical, which boast LED technology, are simpler, pretending to be joined in the central area of ​​the gate. We have one of the hallmarks of this generation in the gate that gives access to the trunk. Now it is a little higher, making the rear window drop more, although yes, it forgets once and for all to divide it in two. To finish, we have two split exhaust outlets

Known interior that, to our surprise, has lost all the originality (and complication) of before …

Inside the Honda civic hatchback he follows the path marked by his sedan brother. That is, it loses the originality that has defined recent generations. However, the commitment to ergonomics and the latest technologies in connectivity are at great height. Especially because, as standard, it has a central touch screen and a digital cockpit 7 inch. As an option, they may be 9 and 10.2 inches respectively.

Talk about the interior habitability It is complicated, and even more so without being able to get into the second row of seats. Even so, the Japanese firm has wanted to offer the data of the trunk capacity. According to those responsible for communication, the volume reaches, nothing more and nothing less, than 693 liters. However, this figure has a bit of a trick, because they get it by measuring the entire volume from floor to ceiling. That is, forgetting about the divider curtain.

While waiting to know the engines for Europe, the Civic announces the range for the USA

Finally, we will talk about the mechanical range that will give life to the new Honda Civic Hatchback in the United States. For now we do not know how it will be structured in the European market, so we could expect the odd surprise. First of all we have a gasoline block 2.0 liters atmospheric with 160 hp of force and a maximum torque of 187 Nm. The spicier version is a 1.5 liter Turbo of 182 CV and a pair of 240 Nm.

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For its management, both versions can be associated to a automatic transmission by continuous CVT variator. As a novelty, for the first time, it will have a manual gearbox that will be standard or optional depending on the version chosen. Additionally, to improve driving dynamics, the Civic Hatchback chassis adds suspension and steering adjustments. In any case, when it arrives in Europe the set up will be more incisive and dynamic.

When will the Honda Civic Hatchback arrive in our region…?

For the moment those responsible for Honda have not wanted to give information about it. The only data that they have wanted to confirm is the place where it will be manufactured. For the first time in the history of this model, its manufacture will take place in the United States. To be more exact, in the center that the firm has in Indiana. From it they will come out for everyone, although it is foreseeable that they will also be assembled in other locations.

We will continue to be very attentive …

Source – Honda

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