The murder of the 39-year-old actor, at the hands of an octogenarian, has sparked outrage in Portugal

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Lisbon.- The shooting murder in a street of Lisbon of the black actor Bruno Candé at the hands of a white octogenarian has sparked outrage in Portugal, who wonders if, as the family maintains, skin color motivated the crime, something that the authorities are already investigating.

Candé, 39, was shot four times on Saturday, when he was with his dog in the Moscavide neighborhood, on the outskirts of Lisbon.

The author was a white man in his 80s who, according to witnesses, approached the actor and shot him without a word, after which he was immobilized by several people until the police arrived.

« In terms of motivation, we still do not understand very well why. It may have to do with merely passionate issues, given that there is no connection between them, » agents of the Public Security Police (PSP) initially told the press. .

But the family of the deceased, father of three children of six, five and three years, maintains that they knew each other, something corroborated by some neighbors, who detail a dispute that they had in the street three days before crime, related to Candé’s bitch.

« The murderer had threatened him with death three days before, uttering several racist insults, » the family maintains in a statement in which they do not hesitate to cross out what happened to crime « premeditated and racist ».

The SOS organization also considers it evident Racism, who in a Facebook post says that « the premeditated nature of the murder leaves no doubt that it is a crime motivated by racial hatred. « 

With the passing of the hours, the case has raised a national dust cloud, while the Judicial Police investigates the case.

The police affirm that none of the six witnesses of the crime He mentioned that there were racist issues at the time of the events, while organizations and parties condemned what had happened and asked for reflections on the presence of the racism in Portugal.

This is the case of the Marxist Bloco de Esquerda, whose coordinator, Catarina Martins, has repudiated this « crime horrible, violent, racist murder. « 

« When others are dehumanized with racismThese things happen, « Martins added.

The far-right Chega party, which believes that Candé’s death « is a tragedy, has also spoken, but has nothing to do, according to the data known so far, with the racism« 

« Portugal it is the least racist country in Europe; maybe from the world, « he added.

A study by the European Social Survey (ESS) released at the end of June maintains that 62% of the Portuguese state some form of racism.

The conclusion was reached after asking 1,055 Russians if they considered that there are more intelligent, civilized or working ethnic or racial groups than others.

Two thirds answered affirmatively to any of these three options, while 32% said yes to all three.

Bruno Candé He worked mainly in theater, with the group Casa Conveniente, and on television he participated in the soap opera « Única Mulher ».

He was currently trying to recover from the aftermath of a serious accident he suffered two years ago, when he was run over while riding a bicycle.