Homer is actually found in the dictionary of the English language

It seems that it is really possible to find Homer in the dictionary of the English language but does it mean the same thing we saw in The Simpsons?

That something interesting that The Simpsons have managed to place themselves within different aspects of the life of humanity, not only in pop culture, but in many aspects beyond this. But when we talk about the inclusion of The Simpsons in the English language itself, We not only have before us something interesting, but something beyond what could be considered normal.

We are not talking about D’oh

It is well known to many that Homer’s expression « D’oh » It has been in dictionaries for a long time, but is it the same for Homer’s name?

In episode 5 of season 3 we can see a story where Homer manages to save the entire city of Springfield only by accident, because he had no idea how he could stop a nuclear disaster. After that he is treated like a hero until he reaches Shelbyville and another problem occurs with the nuclear plant, and this time Homer manages to save the city also without knowing how he did it, only with luck. and it is thanks to this that it ends up in the dictionary as a term used when someone is very lucky and succeeds despite incompetence.

But Can you really find « Homer » in the dictionary of the English language?

The answer is yes, in the Cambridge Dictionary a definition of Homer can be found, but it’s not what we were expecting.

Homer is basically another way of saying « Homer Run » in terms of Base Ball.. That means it has nothing to do with the series.

Even so, it is extremely curious to be able to find that this word is really part of the English language in an official way and the most curious still, is that the writers have not taken advantage of this for any episode of the new seasons.