HomePod mini reaches early users

The arrival of the HomePod mini to the Apple Store, scheduled for this November 16, has been confirmed, thanks to the publications on social networks made by the first customers to receive them. As it happened a few days ago with the deliveries of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

HomePod mino shipmentsHomePod mini shipments begin

Since its presentation in October, expectations about its performance have only increased, and more in recent days when the first reviews confirmed its most anticipated characteristics. Especially its power, despite its diminutive size and accessible value of 99 euros.

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The rhythm of the HomePod mini reaches Apple users

According to a post by MacRummors, customers in Australia and Japan, have been the first to receive orders for the smart speaker, and also the first to share the real images of the device.

The HomePod mini is Apple’s big bet in the speaker world, after many took the company’s retirement for granted due to its predecessor’s unremarkable behavior. But, this time Apple has not only focused on improving and adding the necessary features to be a tall competitor against the successful Amazon Echo and Google Home offers, but to offer it at a single price.

HomePod mini whiteHomePod mini in white
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The new HomePod mini offers many full-size HomePod features, including Siri, HomeKit, Apple Music, Intercom voice messaging, and stereo pairing. But, additionally it is equipped with the same S5 chip as the Apple Watch Series 5, which allows “computational audio”, which we will surely not stop listening to these days.