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And suddenly you look in the mirror and you notice that you skin It is not like before, there is fear of wrinkles, expression lines and sagging. Why not try home remedies? A great option is the homemade tomato mask to rejuvenate the skin.

Yes, in combat the skin aging There are several commercial products that we can try from the hand of a dermatologist, but we must not neglect the beauty tips of the grannies, those that when made with natural ingredients make a revolution. The homemade tomato mask to rejuvenate the skin It is one of them.

And it is that if we talk about health and beauty, the tomato is one of the great allies, since it nourishes our organism in depth, something that several commercial products do only superficially.

As such, tomato is useful for removing wrinkles and expression lines, fight acne, also control excess fat from the face, you skin It will be another if you include it in your diet frequently and if you try this homemade mask.

Speaking of skin rejuvenation, the tomato is rich in antioxidants, they fight the radicals that cause skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and K, so it is also stimulates the production of collagen to firm the skin. The mask therefore also fights flaccidity.

Are you worried about stains? The homemade tomato mask It fights them for its natural vitamins and minerals, both those caused by the sun and those caused by acne.

So how to prepare the homemade tomato mask to rejuvenate the skin and produce collagen?

The only thing you should do to reinforce your beauty With this homemade tomato mask is to follow the recipe that we will share, you will only need two ingredients and your blender. Take note:


 A medium tomato
 A tablespoon of natural bee honey


Wash the tomato and cut it into pieces, now place it in the blender with the tablespoon of honey and blend until the ingredients are integrated, take care that the mixture is not too liquid to facilitate the application or use a brush to spread it out well.

Since you have the mixture of the mask ready, place it on your clean face taking care of the eye and lip contour, let it act for 20 minutes and remove with cold water. Repeat three times a week for best results, in a month you will notice the difference.

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