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Home remedies to combat the bad smell of your intimate area. Despite the fact that it is quite common that our area has a particular smell, there are many women who feel very uncomfortable because the smell of your intimate area is unpleasantIf you want to combat this problem, we have some tips.

The diet and habits that we have can influence how our intimate area smells, as well as, in some cases, they can be a synonym that something is not right, so in addition to helping us Natural medicine It is important that we regularly visit our gynecologist.

It is important to note that the smell in our intimate area is something natural so it is not recommended to apply remedies that make us eliminate it, since it can cause infections to develop in the area, however we can make the odor decrease.

Coriander tea

Drinking coriander can be helpful for the smell of your intimate area Since it has antiseptic properties that can help reduce your odor, you only need to boil two tablespoons of dried coriander in two cups of water and drink the infusion in moderation and not daily.

Less sugar

The foods that contain high levels of sugar can make our intimate area produce more bacteria and make its aroma stronger, lower the consumption of processed foods and sugary, as well as drinking water will reduce the smell and make you feel lighter.


Food like yogurt or milk derivatives are rich in probiotics and help control the pH of your intimate area By reducing bad odors and helping you to be healthier and less prone to infection, best of all, just include them in your diet.

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