Home Circuit in which you will want to compete

Mario is still the king of the track, although now he runs in the living room at home.

By Roberto Pineda / November 21, 2020, 14: 003 CommentsMario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is Nintendo’s latest occurrence; bet on merging the gameplay of the franchise with the possibility of create circuits in real places and the use of everyday objects to shape each track. A breakthrough for video games augmented reality which has made its debut on the right foot, as it ranked as the best-selling title in Japan during its first week.

The possibility of creating circuits in the living room is very attractive, but it requires having the necessary means to carry out our idea. That, and the talent that users bring out every time a creative proposal of these characteristics appears. Today we show you 5 Great Homemade Circuits Created By Fans.

Yoshi Circuit by Gaming Boulevard

Mushroom Cup by TWD98

Music Study by Ryukahr

Circuit with surprise by Blue TV Games

The Carpet Rally by Drip Media

Bonus: the new blue shell

It is not a circuit as such, but we have included the following video as a curiosity. Because it is not a lie to say that all of us who have thought about trying Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit know perfectly well that this could happen. We love cats – and who doesn’t? –, but what a task it has to be to lead a race and for one of them to appear to become the real final boss. For sample, a button:

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