EP / Madrid The coronavirus pandemic has a hard blow to Hollywood, paralyzing numerous filming and premieres and generating unemployment in the industry. However, new opportunities have also emerged, as sets are now demanding toilets for tasks such as taking the temperature or performing tests.

According to Deadline, the movie mecca is preparing to resume filming and that is why they are now looking for employees from the health and cleaning sectors to maintain hygiene and safety measures.

“The training our members already have makes them exceptionally qualified to handle the situation. They are known as outpatient doctors, but they are all emergency technicians; most are paramedics, and a good number are also nurses,” he explained. Thom Davis, a director of the International Alliance of Theater Employees, the union that brings together technicians, artisans and also health workers who carry out their work within the entertainment industry, including theater and film and television productions.

“Right now we are doing a intense specific training for this virus “Davis added about the additional steps they are taking to get ready for the new reality, which is none other than rolling around with the coronavirus factor present.

In total, this institution has 260 medical specialists in shooting sets. An environment where until now they used to deal with problems such as injuries, insect bites, hypothermia or respiratory problems, but where they are now preparing to “monitor conditions and equipment, ensuring that all safety protocols are strictly adhered to by production and employees. “

“I think that increases the level of Safety in the workplace And I also think it brings a certain level of comfort, “Davis said of these new health standards in filming. In this regard, he said that to this day no series or movie can be imagined that he plans to film without a doctor present.” Conversations with union members I have seen that everyone wants to go back to work, but some are a little apprehensive. They are the same as other people: it does not matter if you work on a movie set, in a food store or in a service station. “

“Thus, by having physicians on set on set, monitoring set conditions, monitoring the crew, and ensuring that all protocols are followed by production and employees, it increases the level of safety,” Davis says. Having these measures, even if it involves an extra expense, compensates since it makes production have “a much more productive workforce”.

For the moment, It is unknown when Hollywood will resume activityBut it is estimated that almost a million television and cinema workers have lost their jobs after the declaration of the state of alarm.