By Staff Atomix
05/22/2020 4:06 pm

The most powerful cinema industry worldwide, has seen how for more than a decade, the video game sector has become a tough competitor for the hegemony of leisure, in terms of business figures and millions of users are concerned .

This situation would have seemed like a chimera a few years ago, but advances in new technologies have made it a reality, turning ‘gamers’ into potential audiences who have boosted their favorite creations to figures comparable to major releases. Hollywood every year. The crown for being the king of entertainment on a planetary level is at stake, and it seems that video games have all the ballots to get it comfortably every course.

A recent study of the online casino Betway influences this point, putting on the table data and curiosities that allow the video game sector to become a true benchmark for leisure and fun throughout the globe.

In recent times, video games have become narrative entities with their own entity. Each game has become an authentic ode to the senses of the ‘gamer’ in question, for the animations and stories that you can experience, spending unforgettable moments in another dimension.

To see to what extent video games have exceeded all expectations, it is enough to compare the total figures of the best-selling title in this field, with those obtained by the film with the most transactions in DVD format. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, with 110 million copies, Finding Nemo ’, with less than half: 47 million. A clear difference that indicates the rise of video games in physical formats, leaving a piece of the smallest pie to the seventh art in this regard.

The future is assured for the video game sector. Unique business figures and billions of fans of this interactive entertainment. Perfect cocktail so that both ingredients continue to grow over the years.

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