Hollywood against the virus! These celebrities have already been vaccinated

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Little by little, not as fast as expected, the coronavirus is getting ahead of itself. Without a doubt, the film industry has been one of the most battered by the health crisis. But Hollywood, like society in general, is coping with it thanks to the arrival of vaccines. Many stars have received at least the first dose of the vaccine. And they have not been slow to make it public through their personal accounts of Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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Miguel Angel Muñoz

The actor is already vaccinated. So he said on Instagram, a shiver on his shoulder As he is working in the United States, Muñoz will return with both doses.

Ryan reynolds

This is how Deadpool boasted, ensuring that it was already 5G.

Jessica chastain

The photo after the dose showed Chastain that she was already immunized.

Jeff goldblum

The ‘Jurassic Park’ actor took the opportunity to thank the health personnel for their work.

Jane fonda

Fonda assured it from the car window: It doesn’t hurt!

Arnold schwarzenegger

As always, “Chuache” made mention of his Terminator character: “Come with me if you want to live!”

Anthony Daniels

The one who has given life to C-3PO also referred to his character: “Droids do not need to be vaccinated, humans do.”

Samuel L. Jackson

The actor showed a photo queuing for the first puncture.

Patrick Stewart

Professor Xavier recorded the moment and thanked the health workers for the great work they did.

Ian McKellen

His partner, who is Magneto, also immortalized the moment on his Instagram account.

Anthony Hopkins

The actor also showed video of the moment from the car.

Sean Penn

“I am lucky,” said the actor on his Twitter account. He also mentioned CORE, a global response organization that currently tests for COVID and administers vaccines across the country.

Steve Martin

The actor showed on Twitter that he had good and bad news: Good because he was v

Alan Alda.

The actor taught through networks that he already had the first dose.

Mandy patinkin

Patinkin also showed in January how he was injected with the first dose of Pfizer.

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