Hockey | Olympic Games: Spain saves the furniture with the victory against New Zealand

Spain I had to win and I won. The Spanish Women’s Hockey Team I won by 2 goals to 1 to New Zealand and keeps the options intact to qualify for the next round. They must win China and Japan, and they will be able to continue their way in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The match of Spain was marked by the seriousness in the two goalkeepers. In attack the arrivals were the general tunic while in defense the figure of Mara ngeles Ruiz. The goalkeeper got up from an uneven start to the Olympic tournament, and was a real wall for the players. Oceana.

In attack, Spain He was from the first room looking to take command. Beln Iglesias He opened the scoring by defining in a play marked by the hubbub. Before the break they will put the second. It was Lola Riera in a penalty-crner taking out her great arm in the play in which she is the consummate specialist of the selection.

So many of Iglesias and Riera placed Spain in a clear advantageous situation for the second half, and they limited themselves to putting out fires thanks to Mara ngeles Ruiz, and to maintain the intensity in attack. New Zealand cut distances by a bit of Kelsey Smith, and they could even tie with a penalty that they missed.

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Ace, Spain he adds his first three points of the Olympic tournament. Adding victories against China and Japan (matches in which they start as clear favorites) will be classified for the knockout rounds. The game has improved and the good feelings have returned, so confidence must exist in the “redsticks“.


Spain: Mara ngeles Ruiz; Xantal Gin, Clara Ycart, Carlota Petchame, Maria Lpez, Berta Bonastre, Beln Iglesias, Candela Mejas, Lola Riera, Jlia Pons, Begoa Garca, Beatriz Prez, Gigi Oliva, Alejandra Torres-Quevedo, Alicia Magaz and Luca Jimnez.

New Zealand: O’Hanlon; Shannon, Merry, Davies, Ralph, King, Gunson, Charlton, Thompson, Dickins, Hull, Doar, Keddell, Smith, Pearson, and Michelsen.

Goals: 1-0, Beln Iglesias (4 ‘), 2-0, Lola Riera (19’) and 2-1, Kelsey Smith (35 ‘).

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