Hitman director says why Edgar Wright left Marvel and Ant-Man

It is well known that the productions of large studios such as Marvel, which in fact are millimetrically calculated to coincide in tone and aesthetics with an entire film universe, can cause headaches for filmmakers on board. Hitman (2007) director Xavier Gens once refused to shoot a movie for Marvel, explaining that his reasons were probably the same as why director Edgar Wright left the Ant-Man project several years ago.

Xavier Gens already had his turn with an action movie, based on a video game. Hitman arrived in 2007 to unfortunate reviews and response from the public. The ruling, however, attributes it (via) to the way of working of the great Hollywood studios and the null creative control that they finally leave in charge of the filmmaker. To exemplify his point, he related an anecdote he had with Marvel.

«I had talks [con Marvel], but I understood that the previews of the digital effects and the action scenes were made in a box in London, ”he explained to the publication Le Point. «And that I would be there to only take care of the direction of the actors. That is not very interesting. I think this is the reason why Edgar Wright rejected Ant-Man, because at one point, in these productions, you are reduced to just directing shots and counter shots of actors against a green background.

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The director went on to say that directing a film for a studio like Marvel can mean something great and an automatic pass to fully enter the industry, but he counteracts this opinion by exemplifying that today there are filmmakers whose name nobody remembers as according to him, those who They were after Captain Marvel.

Throughout the history of Marvel in cinema, there have been several cases of filmmakers who have left ship arguing creative differences. The aforementioned Wright was one of them. The Briton gave up directing the Ant Man adventures because he did not feel that the studio gave him the necessary creative freedom.

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Another case was that of Patty Jenkins who is now responsible for the successful Wonder Woman. The director left the job on Thor: A Dark World, under the same plot. Finally, the most recent case belongs to Scott Derrickson, who took over Doctor Strange, but who will no longer be in command of the sequel.

Xavier Gens ended by saying that his experience with both Hitman and the talks he had with Marvel led him to prefer to focus on other projects such as the Gangs of London series, of which he has directed several chapters. He also holds the title of producer on the 2019 film Papicha.

The French director concluded by saying that he also does not like “taking orders from Americans.”

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