“Hitman 3” will have custom scenarios on Google Stadia

Hitman 3 will have exclusive functions of Google Stadia | IO Interactive

Google Stadia has announced a key feature that will affect « Hitman 3 » and the trilogy « World of Assassination », which will be released on January 20. Stadia players will be able to share the status of their games thanks to State Share.

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This means that whenever an image or video is shared directly from the game, you have the option of including a URL. This link will send other players to the game, exactly replicating your custom scenario.

He « State » of a game includes the difficulty level, mission objectives and weapons and elements of the agent 47. If, at the time of clicking the URL, a player has not yet unlocked certain items or areas, they can use them in the standalone scenario.

This function is completely exclusive to Stadia and opens up many opportunities for interactive streaming and gaming. With this system, it is possible that streamers can share their personal level settings, or that players can challenge each other against time trials of identical scenarios.

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This follows an announcement by Sony that in PlayStation 4 and 5, the entire trilogy of « Hitman » will be available in virtual reality. The virtual reality levels will work in a very similar way, putting the player in the shoes of the agent 47.