A history teacher became the first winner of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in 14 years, barely 12 months after his brother won over $ 600,000.

It’s a family that will not miss anything. At the beginning of September, Donald fear changed his life. This 57-year-old history teacher managed to win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? in just twenty minutes. The man, who still had three jokers available before the final question, had no trouble answering it. This is the first time in fourteen years that a candidate has reached the end of the winning pyramid. Defining himself as a “democratic socialist”, Donald Feat explained that he wanted to give at least 70% of his earnings to family members and use the rest for a “comfortable retirement”. At Mirror, he said he was planning a vacation with his wife.

“The next vacation I’m thinking of buying a motorhome, I’ve never had one and we were going to try to rent one”, explained the winner of the jackpot to our colleagues. “As much as I would love to take the next plane to the US, that’s just not an option. Right now it’s Great Britain and probably Wales first, I’ll so spend my millions of pounds on a campervan in Wales, ”the millionaire joked. After winning the jackpot last July, Donald Fear was planning to spend time off in Spain. But after submitting his resignation, his plans were canceled by the coronavirus outbreak. Having become a millionaire, this Briton does not know what to do with his money. “I could buy an Aston Martin for example, but I could get into the thing, but I could never get out of it. I’m fat, had fun Donald fear nearby Mirror. I could move, but I love my house. “

Donald Fear wants to enjoy a “comfortable retirement”

“It’s in a lovely neighborhood and we’ve been there for 27 years and we have lovely neighbors, so why move elsewhere? So I’d rather keep the money and give it to people I love,” he said. he explains. A year before Donald Fear appeared in the English version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, His brother had also tried his luck. His eldest, who failed to win the million pounds, still left the plateau with more than $ 600,000 in his pocket! Like Donald Fear, he also donated 40% of his earnings to charity. A generosity that inspired his little brother. The father of four ultimately preferred to continue his job as a teacher at Adams Haberdashers High School in Newport, where he plans to stay at least until the end of the term. He will then retire two years earlier than expected and enjoy a “comfortable retirement” with his wife Deb.

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