The steep descent of the Paraná river does not stop and this Wednesday the mark against Rosario was just 40 centimeters when a year ago, for example, the height was 3.45 meters.

According to the Santa Fe Meteorological Information Center (CIM), Paraná decreased another four centimeters on the last day.

Last February 24, the level was at 2.70 meters and since then the flow has fallen to the record mark this Wednesday (it lost 2.30 meters in less than two months).

Prefect Walter Rosende confirmed to De 12 a 14 (El Tres) that “the records are far below” the usual and a “downward trend” is expected. He assured that from that federal force they are “observing the water levels and protecting the navigation of the ships” that arrive at the ports of the region.

According to the latest report of the National Water Institute (INA), this brand could register a slight additional retreat, up to 37 centimeters, on April 28.

“The conditions that determine the downspout in progress persist in the basins that contribute to the flow in the Paraná river in Argentine territory. The future evolution of the levels in this section of the river will strongly depend on the spatial distribution and amounts of the rains, “said INA.

Alan Monzón / Rosario3

“The agreement reached with the Republic of Brazil meant an increase in discharges from the Itaipú reservoir for a limited period. It was agreed to an increase in flow between April 18 and May 1 of the order of 1,400 cubic meters the second towards the Argentine-Paraguayan section of the river ”, adds the agency that indicates that“ increased flow would alleviate the situation of the missionary shore, but its effect will be cushioned towards downstream. “

Alan Monzón / Rosario3