Hispano beheaded an acquaintance and then played with his head in a park in New Mexico

Joel Arciniega Sáenz.

Photo: Las Cruces Police Department / Courtesy

Joel Arciniega Sáenz allegedly confessed to killing and beheading an acquaintance of his, also Hispanic, in a park in New Mexico and then kicking the detached head of the victim.

Arciniega Sáenz, 25, was charged with first degree murder for the death of James García (51) in a park in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Police found him near the crime scene on Father’s Day with a bloody knife and dried blood on his clothing, Fox News reported.

Authorities said Arciniega later confessed to the gruesome murder, allegedly admitting that dragged the victim’s body to the street and kicked him in the severed head. I affirm that Garcia had stolen it days before and raped his wife several years ago, but the police did not immediately find evidence of those allegations.

Arciniega had been arrested on a charge of vandalism unrelated last month, but was released with a bond $ 2,000 despite objections from prosecutors.

He had also been charged with a fatal shooting in 2017, but that case was dropped after a key witness was found to possess a pistol of the same caliber as the murder weapon.

Now Arciniega Sáenz was held in the Doña Ana County Detention Center, without the right to bail.

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