Hispanic woman captured who slapped her Alzheimer’s patient

A woman that slapped his Alzheimer’s patient twice was arrested this Wednesday, in South Florida.

The detained woman was identified as Mayte Todd-Molina, who is charged with two counts of abuse of a disabled elderly person, a crime for which he could spend up to five years in prison.

Since she was caught on video slapping her patient twice, an 87-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s.

And it is that Todd-Molina was captured on video, where it is seen that at least twice he gave strong slaps to his 87-year-old patient.

Todd-Molina’s arrest was notified through a press release, by Ashley Moody, Florida Attorney General.

Although the arrest was in charge of the Fraud Control Unit in public health insurance Medicaid and the Miami-Dade Police Department.

They captured abuse with security cameras

The charges against the Hispanic caregiver for mistreatment of the elderly woman were registered after the relatives of the woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s, placed security cameras and saw how Todd-Molina mistreated the patient on at least two occasions.

And is that the relatives of the old woman became suspicious of the caregiver, because they began to see in the patient several scratches on the body, without the employee reporting any information that could explain these injuries.

Faced with this uncertainty, the relatives of the old woman placed the security cameras to see what was really happening to the patient.

He slapped the patient twice

It was for that, that they realized that Todd-Molina abused the old woman, and the security camera recorded that on at least two occasions the caregiver slapped the octogenarian.

And not only that, the video also recorded the moment when the caregiver, far from fulfilling her duty and for which she was hired, pulled the old woman’s hair to force her to lower her head towards the pillow.

The events were condemned by the local authorities.

“It is incredibly sad to see a caregiver abuse a patient. Floridians use assisted living facilities once they can no longer care for themselves and trust that caregivers will help them, not harm them, ”said Moody, Florida’s attorney general.

Thus, Todd-Molina will have to face a court and “answer for these reprehensible acts,” said the prosecutor.

Just last June 15 was commemorated the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which calls for reflection on the millions of seniors who have suffered abuse, neglect and exploitation.

“Older people have the right to a safe and dignified life, free from all forms of exploitation,” said the acting federal prosecutor for the southern district of Florida, Juan Antonio González, on the occasion of the commemoration, according to what was published by the . agency.

“Those who prey on South Florida seniors, whether through local criminal acts or through transnational fraud schemes, will be held liable.”

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