Hispanic gang member caught in shooting of children on Bronx street in broad daylight

Police arrested Michael López on suspicion of being the gunman caught on video shooting a man in broad light, who in turn used two children as a shield, on a street in the Bronx (NYC).

The gunman performed numerous shots a few centimeters from the brothers Mia (10) and Christian (5), who miraculously survived, on the afternoon of Thursday, June 17. At least a dozen bullets fired the masked suspect toward his target, who knocked the children down while trying to escape. That unidentified man received three hits and was reported in stable condition.

Lopez, 27, now faces a series of charges including attempted murder, assault, possession and criminal use of a weapon and reckless danger, Pix11 reported.

He has five previous arrests, including for robbery, attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon, authorities said. His most recent arrest was in 2020 and police believe López is member of the “Make It Happen Boys” gang.

The chaos happened on Sheridan Avenue right outside the residential building of the little brothers, who they were buying sweets at Mt. Eden, when they were trampled and nearly hit in a hail of bullets, violent security footage showed. Then the gunman fled on a scooter driven by an accomplice.

It is not yet clear the reason for the shooting, nor if the wounded man knew the attacker, amid the rise of violence that the city is experiencing. At the same time, arrests have dropped. According to experts, this raises fear of a more dramatic summer in NYC this 2021, as it is traditionally the time of most violence in the city.

The harshness of the experience led to the NY Yankees team invited the children and their parents to the stadium on Sunday, ultimately enjoying a 2-1 victory over the Oakland Athletics, the New York Post reported.


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