Hispanic dead of a shot in the head in Utah “knew too much” and murderers sought to silence her, according to court documents

The Hispanic woman who was fatally shot in Utah, Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, in a crime that – so far – involves six people “knew too much”, indicate the case documents cited by KSL.

Solorio-Romero was taken by force and at the point of a gun and knife from her residence in Kearns and shot in the head on February 6, according to information kept by authorities.

Although versions of a money debt with one of the defendants in the case, Carolina Márquez, have emerged as the motive for the crime; the argument that they wanted to silence her is also discussed in press reports.

Before the victim was killed in the home of Márquez, 38 years old and owner of the business “Tacos El Caramelo”, other of the defendants in the case, Orlando Esiesa Tobar would have questioned Nicole about alleged confidences to the authorities in relation to with the federal arrest of one of his partners.

While being questioned, the Hispanic woman denied having provided information to the police about the person arrested. However, police records confirm that the individual for whom “Nicole” was questioned is in federal custody and is a relative of Carolina.

The prisoner, identified as 19-year-old Antonio Márquez, faces charges for possession of weapons.

Additionally, Antonio Márquez has faced charges in the Third District Court since July for robbery after receiving stolen property. Carolina had also been arrested on December 16 as part of an obstruction of justice investigation by refusing to cooperate with authorities who had an arrest warrant for her relative.

Nicole accused captors of killing her husband

The KSL report also indicates that, while the young woman remained subdued by her captors, she accused Tobar and his friend Jorge Rafael Medina-Reyes, as those responsible for killing her husband.

“(Tobar) stated that she knew a lot, and that she was not going to leave the apartment. Then (Tobar) moved his head to Nicole’s side and Cristian Noé Morales-Gonzales shot Nicole in the back of the head, ”the indictment documentation indicates.

“Witnesses heard Tobar say that they had to shoot Nicole a second time. Then Nicole’s body was seen by witnesses wrapped in black plastic garbage bags that were loaded into the back of a trailer attached to a white pickup truck. They did not see her again ”, add the documents cited by the aforementioned media.

After Solorio-Romero was murdered, the group went to Tacos Mi Caramelo, where Tobar called Morales (alias “El Mecánico”) to help him dispose of the Hispanic woman’s body.

Six defendants for the crime

Márquez and his son, Fernando Márquez, 22, were charged last week with murder, obstruction of justice and aggravated kidnapping in connection with the crime.

Charges were also brought against Morales-Gonzales, 26, and Iván Jesús Acosta, 27, for abuse and desecration of a corpse. Acosta and Morales also face obstruction of justice charges.

Esiesa Tobar, 29, and Medina-Reyes, 21, were indicted on February 23 on charges of kidnapping and aggravated murder, as well as obstruction of justice.

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