Hispanic accused of killing her son and throwing him on the trail in Las Vegas was eating with stranger when she was arrested

Samantha Moreno Rodríguez, the Hispanic mother accused of killing her 7-year-old autistic son, Liam Husted, and throwing his body onto a sidewalk in Las Vegas, was eating at a restaurant with a man she had met a few days earlier when he went arrested.

On June 8, Las Vegas police reported who had arrested the 35-year-old woman in Denver, Colorado.

When the officers arrived at the food establishment, Moreno Rodríguez was on a breakfast date with a subject who has not been identified, but whom he had met only a few days before.

On May 24, Moreno Rodríguez left the home he shared with the minor and his father Nicholas Husted in San José, California.

The woman just left him the following message: “I’m sorry you have to do this like this.”

“I’m going to try to find a house for Liam and myself, and we can talk about this in the future,” added the mother.

It is not clear if Rodríguez Moreno left the notice in a written note, voicemail or text.

“Everything indicates that when she left San José I was trying to start a new life“Las Vegas Police Homicide Lieutenant Ray Spencer confirmed to NBC I-Team.

Alleged murderer awaits extradition to Las Vegas

Today, the suspect Waits to be extradited to Clark County, Las Vegas, where the events occurred, to face the criminal case against him for murder.

The disappearance of the suspect sparked a nationwide search and the collaboration of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department with authorities in other cities such as San José.

Police in Las Vegas spent about 10 days trying to establish the identity of the minor until acquaintances of Moreno Rodríguez recognized the boy through digitally enhanced images released by authorities.

Liam’s body was found naked on a hiking trail in Las Vegas

Liam’s naked and lifeless body was found on May 28 near a highway by Mountain Spring.

After the minor was reported missing by his father, hea Police received at least 500 confidences and assigned a team of 24 detectives to the case.

The manner in which Liam was killed has not been disclosed by authorities.

“We know from the examination of Liam’s body that someone went through a lot of work moving him,” Spencer revealed.

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