Hisense U8QF: a high-performance 4K TV

It includes, among others, Quantum Dot, Full Array, Dolby Vision and an anti-glare screen to offer an immersive experience when playing all kinds of content.

Hisense continues to bet heavily on premium quality electronic devices, and in the TV segment this was not going to be an exception. So that you know your U8QF television in depth, we detail below all its characteristics and benefits. Imagine enjoying your favorite series, movies and video games on it!

Quantum Dot – Over 1 Billion Vivid Colors With High Accuracy

Quantum Dot technology enables the screen to reproduce more than 1 billion (yes, you read that right) of color tones, resulting in a wider range of colors. You can enjoy a soft gradation of light pink, deep burgundy or sky blue. Plus, you can interpret and express the cinematographer’s original setup with little effort, with a larger palette and more precise gradations.

Full Array Local Dimming Pro

Conventional Edge LED TVs sacrifice the brightest images for the darkest backgrounds. Also, if you look at the edges, the black is more grayish. This is not the case on a Hisense Full Array LED TV with Local Dimming Pro, where richer and more intense blacks and brilliantly clear highlights are obtained.

Dolby Vision: ultra vivid picture

Dolby Vision, advanced HDR inspired by the technology of the film industry, makes every shot of your favorite series or movie more powerful and dramatic. Compared to a standard image, Dolby Vision offers never-before-seen colors, reflections up to 40 times brighter, and blacks up to 10 times darker. The result? A refined and realistic image like no other.

HDR10 +

Being HDR10 + certified means that the Hisense U8QF reproduces brighter and more accurate scenes. Details, both in shadows and reflections, are clearer. The colors, much more vibrant. Execute a scene-by-scene adjustment sequence to improve brightness, color saturation, and contrast, to produce a much more realistic image close to the director’s original vision.

Peak brightness… 1,000 nits!

With a maximum peak of 1,000 nits, the Hisense U8QF TV allows you to create stunning images with an exceptional HDR effect. Bright reflections, colors and details are displayed at an incredible level. The algorithm calculates different levels of brightness accurately and quickly, even in bright rooms. Quite a way to redefine the realism that a television can offer.

Anti-glare screen

Nothing as annoying as enjoying an afternoon movie and having the light coming through the window reflect on the TV screen, right? Hisense has included an anti-glare screen in this U8QF that repels reflections from both sunlight and other light sources. It absorbs 98.5% of the incoming light and only reflects 1.5% of it. This means that compared to conventional TVs, it suffers from 66.67% less glare.

ULED: superlative image quality

ULED Hisense televisions deliver detailed, exquisite and realistic images by combining color management and backlight control technologies with a suite of highly advanced algorithms. ULED technology elevates the overall TV picture quality to a spectacular level with authentic colors, brilliant contrasts, sharp movement and impressive detail.

Hi-View Engine: AI-powered scene-by-scene optimization

This patented technology enables very fast graphic processing. Adjust internal settings in real time to optimize image quality and overall viewing experience. Using AI-powered algorithms, the Hi-View Engine individually breaks down, analyzes and adjusts each scene at the pixel level ensuring the best image and sharpest movement in all displayed content.

Dolby ATMOS: at the heart of the action

This sound technology offers an innovative surround audio experience in the home, whether it is watching programs, live sports or playing games. Audio in motion is a major advance compared to stereo and even surround sound. You’ll feel like you’re into the action as the sounds of people, places, and music come to life with breathtaking realism as they move throughout the space. Create the most complete listening experience in home entertainment systems.

JBL sound

The integrated JBL sound solution houses a complete symphony within the television, providing a true cinematic viewing and sound experience. Customized specifically for Hisense televisions, the front speakers have been tuned and tested by expert acoustic engineers at JBL. Both sets of woofers and tweeters deliver rich, layered sound with deep bass with powerful crystal-clear highs.

Front facing speakers

The front speakers create truly vibrant and immersive sound for a superlative audio experience. The system preserves the most authentic sound by minimizing any audio loss, immersing you in the music as if you were in a concert hall, or watching football as if you were in the same stadium. An authentic and vibrant sound.

Screen with “floating” glass

The floating glass screen pushes the limits of conventional panels providing maximum content, eliminating unnecessary distractions with its delicate design.

Single stand design with cable solution

Its single base design adapts to any piece of furniture and allows it to be perfectly combined with home decor. In addition, it organizes and keeps the space tidy. The included cable holder hides all cables and keeps them in order to keep the room organized.


Through deep R&D development that has spanned over ten years, the team has succeeded in creating a smart, intuitive and personalized content platform. By combining the best content from global providers with the most popular local programming, we can offer the most engaging way to watch all of your favorite content and simplify your search efforts to truly enjoy it.

Compatible with Alexa and Game Mode

Control your TV intelligently with the Alexa system. Turn your TV on and off, change channels, and manage your own viewing experience without lifting a finger. In addition, this television includes a remote control with a built-in microphone to make it even easier.

For its part, Game Mode improves the player’s experience by significantly reducing input lag. A shorter delay between input and reactions to screen developments is particularly important for very fast paced games. It gives you the opportunity to make the perfect move when you play. Input lag on Hisense TVs can be reduced to as low as 16ms.

You can find all the detailed information on the official Hisense website.