Hisense Laser TV expands with new 2021 TriChroma

Repeating the strategy of its last years, Hisense has focused its CES 2021 presentations on updating its range of Laser TV televisions for the consumer and professional market, with the jump to the new TriChroma imaging technology, and sizes that will reach 300 inches.

For those who don’t know, a laser TV is basically an ultra-short throw projector, the kind that you can place very close to a wall, that projects the image across the screen. The big advantage is that because the image is projected, you can get a large screen, although large televisions have become more and more common outside of projectors.

Thus, Hisense TriChroma Laser televisions in the consumer segment arrive in sizes that will go from 75 inches to 100 inches, equipping a new RGB laser panel that, as claimed by the company, improves the performance of color, brightness and immersion.

According to the company’s chief laser display scientist, Dr. Liu Xianrong, the new TriChroma TVs will offer an upgrade ‘from dual color to full color, we have achieved a 128% improvement on the original RGB color. The highest color gamut standard of the TV can reach the 107% BT2020. The three primary color light sources, with extremely high color purity, provide amazing color rendering. Color gamut coverage can reach up to 151% DCI-P3 of the film color standard, which is almost 50% beyond high-end cinema. “

On the other hand, Fisher Yu, president of Hisense Visual Technology, announced that it will also be launched a sonic screen laser television, a commercial laser television from more than 10,000 lumens, and a folding and self-raising laser TV, in what they promise will be a move that will take laser display technology to a new milestone.

Although no specific date was specified for the launch of any of its new televisions, from Hisense they assure that the new Laser TV TriChroma will be the first to arrive, with a fixed availability sometime later this year. Likewise, new additional details will be provided when the actual product launch takes place, although as usual, we will most likely get some advance preview through unofficial leaks.