Today, Ayem Nour has just addressed his numerous Instagram subscribers to say “thank you from the bottom of my heart”!

Ayem Nour has just spoken via his Instagram story! Indeed, the young woman wanted to thank her subscribers for their presence and their kind messages! MCE TV tells you more!

With almost a million subscribers on Instagram, Ayem Nour is a hugely followed influencer on the web! However, this does not prevent it from being very close to its subscribers!

Indeed, the latter tries as often as possible to reply to private messages that the latter send him daily! So, given that Ayem fails to answer everyone!

The beautiful Ayem Nour addressed them via her Instagram story! Indeed, the former reality TV contestant shared how grateful she was to have such a great community on Instagram… If that’s not adorable!

Ayem Nour: “You are the influencers”

“I had nothing special to say apart from a huge thank you to all those who send me messages on a daily basis! I was reading your messages and I thought I was very lucky! »Explained the beautiful Ayem Nour!

The beautiful Ayem also added: “I was thinking and I said to myself it’s not us the influences, it’s you! Your messages are full of kindness, tips, advice…. It is you who influence me! It is thanks to your messages and thanks to you that I remain motivated in this food rebalancing! (…) “

It’s not a thank you just like that, it’s sincere ! Ayem explained. “Thanks to you I have the possibility to work from home and take care of my son, it’s thanks to you!” You are not just subscribers! It’s so beautiful so why not say it! Thank you from the heart ! I try to answer all of you! »Concluded the beautiful Ayem Nour!

One thing is certain, his many fans will appreciate this beautiful declaration of love of Ayem!

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