his third daughter is born on April 8, like the previous two

Two days from the Classic between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann has been absent from training for a reason of joy: his wife had given birth to their third daughter, whom they have baptized as Sunrise.

The French striker was in charge of announcing the news, including the minute and result of the delivery.

The date of April 8 was already a date marked twice, something that is not usual: Mia and Amaro, the other two offshoots of Griezmann, had also been born the April 8, 2016 and 2019 respectively. If having two children born on the same day already defies the laws of probability, having three is worthy of Kabbalistic study.

Fortunately for Griezmann, for his wife Erika choperena and of course for the little ones, all three are healthy little ones who have grown up happy while their father played in Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona. Also, it will be impossible for them to forget their birthdays.