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Since it debuted in 2000 in an episode of the series’Raquel looks for your site‘, the actress Macarena Gomez He has worked with the best directors, in film and television, demonstrating his great versatility for all genres. From comedy, to drama and even horror, the actress already has a curriculum that includes more than 100 titles that have made her one of the most chameleonic of her generation.

Born Macarena Gómez Traseira in Córdoba, on February 2, 1978, she studied Dramatic Art in London for three years. Since then, he has combined his theatrical career with an extensive film and television filmography that began with small roles in various series and his appearance in ‘Dagon: the sect of the sea‘(Stuart Gordon, 2001).

In 2005 he became one of the talents of the year by appearing in ‘El Calentito‘(Chus Gutiérrez),’20 centimeters‘(Ramón Salazar) and, especially, thanks to his participation in the shorts’Counterbody‘(Eduardo Chapero-Jackson) and’Neon meat‘(Paco Cabezas).

Your entry into the successful ‘The one that looms‘he grew his fame as he established himself in complex roles thanks to titles like’Sexykiller‘(Miguel Martí, 2008),’Verb‘(Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, 2011),’The witches of Zugarramurdi‘(Álex de la Iglesia, 2013),’Shrews‘(Juanfer Andrés, Esteban Roel, 2014),’Furs‘(Eduardo Casanova, 2017) and the recent’30 coins‘(2020), the series of Alex de la Iglesia for HBO.

1 ‘Rita’s life’ (Manuel Iborra, 2003)

After playing La Susi in ‘Padre Coraje’, Macarena gave life to Leonor, one of Verónica Forqué’s daughters in this series directed by Manuel Iborra and in which Juan Echanove, Pepón Nieto, María Vázquez and Agustín González also participated.

2 ‘El calentito’ (Chus Gutiérrez, 2005)

Verónica Sánchez and Ruth Díaz were the other two members of Las Siux, the leading musical group in the film directed by Chus Gutiérrez set in the Madrid scene and based on their own experiences.

3 ’20 centimeters’ (Ramón Salazar, 2005)

The actress gave life to Rebeca, a character played by Lola Dueñas in her adulthood, in this risky musical starring Mónica Cervera, Pablo Puyol, Najwa Nimri, Rossy de Palma and Pilar Bardem.

4 ‘The silly lady’ (Manuel Iborra, 2006)

Adaptation of Lope de Vega’s work set in the 16th century and in which she played Nise, one of the main sisters. Along with her, Verónica Forqué, Silvia Abascal, Jose Coronado, Paco León and Antonio Resines.

5 ‘La que se avecina’ (Laura and Alberto Caballero, 2007)

Lola is undoubtedly one of his most popular television characters. The relationship with her mother, Estela Reynolds (Antonia San Juan), with her boy, Javi (Antonio Pagudo) or her acting career has given us some of the funniest moments on the small screen in recent years.

6 ‘Neon meat’ (Paco Cabezas, 2010)

Macarena composed La Canija, one of his most torn characters in this film directed by Mario Casas, Ángela Molina, Blanca Suárez and Darío Grandinetti.

7 ‘Verbo’ (Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, 2011)

The futuristic fable of Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, where he got into the skin of Prosak, gave him the opportunity to work with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Verónica Echegui, Alba García and Víctor Clavijo.

8 ‘The witches of Zugarramurdi’ (Álex de la Iglesia, 2013)

She played Hugo Silva’s ex-wife in the terrifying coven in which Álex de la Iglesia brought together Terele Pávez, Carmen Maura, Santiago Segura, Carolina Bang, Carlos Areces, Mario Casas, Secun de la Rosa and Pepón Nieto, among others.

9 ‘Shrews’ (Esteban Roel and Juan Fernando Andrés, 2014)

Again Hugo Silva was her co-star in this horror film set in 1950s Spain and produced by Álex de la Iglesia, accompanied by Luis Tosar and Nadia de Santiago.

10 ‘Skins’ (Eduardo Casanova, 2017)

Eduardo Casanova’s transgressive debut was one of his greatest acting challenges: giving life to Laura, a girl without eyes. His partner Itziar Castro was nominated that year for the Goya for Best New Actress.

11 ‘The photographer of Mauthausen’ (Mar Targarona, 2018)

Two years after filming with Mar Targarona ‘Kidnapping’, they coincided again in this devastating story set in the concentration camp that gives the film its title and in which Francisco Boix (immense Mario Casas) was interned after fighting on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War. Macarena played Dolores, another of the prisoners.

12 ‘El crack cero’ (José Luis Garci, 2019)

Prequel to ‘El crack’ with Carlos Santos recovering the character of Alfredo Landa in which Macarena played Luisa, the wife of the tailor whose murder Germán Areta is investigating.

13 ‘Los Rodríguez and the beyond’ (Paco Arango, 2019)

She played Natalia, Ricardo’s (Antonio Velázquez) wife, in this adventure comedy about a family who discover that their late grandfather belonged to another planet. With Geraldine Chaplin, Mariana Treviño, Edu Soto, Enrique Villén and Rossy de Palma.

14 ’30 coins’ (Álex de la Iglesia, 2020)

Merche, his character in HBO fiction, has one of the most brutal and terrifying evolutions of the entire series. From mayor consort of Miguel Ángel Silvestre to ally of the devil, Macarena has done it again: she has left us with our mouths open.

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