Yanet García: His rearguard and a hand that fans wish was his in a hot photo | INSTAGRAM

The famous Yanet García, or as many know her « La Chica del Clima », although she no longer appears in this section, has not stopped pampering her followers on social networks for quite some time with continuous publications in which she delights her fans.

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This occasion was achieved with a photo in which all who follow her wanted to be the hand that appears in the fiery photograph that was uploaded on her Twitter.

In the snapshot, Yanet appears on the beach enjoying the sun and the breeze with a small bikini with which, apart from showing off her charms, allowing her boyfriend to grab her rear with her hand, so she turned the camera with a shocked face. .

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At this moment it was when the users of the social network went crazy and wished with all their might to be the owner of that hand since they are all 100% fans of their back with which they probably knew it they reached their profile.


Many users claim that they miss her too much on television and even posted a couple of images of when she was the weather girl and her movements on the screen something that they greatly enjoyed.

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Some other users lost their minds a little more and even assured that there were things very out of line with the young woman, quite out of tune, it could be said, since in this social network there is no censorship and freedom of expression has become debauchery.

The former driver is happy to stop so many people watching her and enjoying her great work in the gym, as on several occasions she has boasted that all of this can be accomplished through exercise.

Yanet García’s specialty is showing the rear so you can’t miss this photo and the ones we’ll be uploading here in Show News, so we recommend you keep an eye on the page. Recall that García’s participation in the Hoy program made her become one of the television stars with the most social media followers throughout Mexico.

She is recognized as one of the most important, charismatic and influential Mexican celebrities in the entertainment world and above all the most beautiful.