His ex! Yordi Rosado discovered after a night with an actress

His ex! Yordi Rosado discovered after a night with an actress | Reform

Tremendous surprise was taken by the beloved Yordi Rosado! The television host confessed something very funny that happened to him after a strong night with an actress, as he met his ex in the same house.

It was for Members on Air that Yordi Rosado revealed that after a night of passion with a beautiful actress he got up and saw how he had pictures with some friends, he thought he was a father who shared the place with other girls, but he got a tremendous surprise when the person who arrived in where he was was his ex.

The former member of Another roll He recounted the experience for his fellow Members to the Air, among whom were Paul Stanley and José Eduardo Derbez, who did not stop laughing at his partner’s anecdote.

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The television presenter indicated that his ex was also an actress and turned out to be a friend of his conquest, when she saw him she only questioned what he was doing there Yordi Pink He did not know what to answer in that embarrassing moment that he now recounts as something funny.

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On the show, Members on Air spoke about experiences they had with actresses; however, chivalry stood out, since in anecdotes like this, they did not reveal the names of the women in question.

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Members on Air also questioned which actresses they had dated and although Yordi Rosado has said that he dated many actresses, he revealed that he could not give names as there were no officers.

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On the other hand, who ended up well confessed was the conductor of the Today Program, Paul Stanley, who did give names of his conquests, but did not reveal anecdotes or situations that compromised them, like a true gentleman.

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