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The bureaucracy it is in itself the organization of work based on hierarchies, centralized procedures, division of responsibilities and work specialization.

The term was used, for the first time, before the French revolution by Jean-Claude Marie Vicent de Gournay, great promoter of the ideas that formed economic liberalism.

Hundreds of years later (1921-1922) the German sociologist Max Weber, promoter of the modern study of political science and public administration, defines it as a system of government or legal control.

To conclude, bureaucracy is what makes the government work, in civilized countries. It is to such an important degree that the government of a country can operate efficiently without the political class.

One of the characteristics of the bureaucratic body is that it is formed by experts in their specialty and its functions are carried out seeking, above politics, the effectiveness of government actions. The manager and executive base their mission on effectively enforcing the purposes of the area for which they are responsible. Officials do not own the resources they manage, but they are responsible for their efficient application. Their loyalty is to the correct performance of their duties.

These reasons and foundations allowed us to have decades of PRI governments in which the bureaucracy, not the political system, kept the country and the economy growing.

In fact, when the PAN achieves enough strength to aspire to the presidency of the republic, with Fox, the big question that we Mexicans asked ourselves was: Will the Pan have enough political body, the right people, to assume the direction of the different secretariats and decentralized organisms and institutions that allow to govern this country?

This doubt stopped the hand of many voters who did not believe that the alternation of power was a good thing for Mexico. This was overcome but not because Fox had the executive cadres to govern, it was overcome because Mexico had a bureaucratic system that could keep the country operating. After Fox came the election of Calderón and there were no longer any doubts about that issue. The country had institutions that could keep the country running and running.

This trust in the institutions also played a relevant role in the election of López Obrador. The electorate trusted that the change of party in power would not alter the way the country works, as we had solid and prepared institutions.

It is not easy to admit that we are wrong. The alternation in power is a good thing for Mexico. Giving all power to a single party IS NOT.

The López Obrador government has systematically destroyed the Mexico operating structure and has built an autocratic system. Substituting the efficient heads of government for inexperienced ones who do not respond with loyalty to the function, but respond with loyalty to the mythomaniac who governs.

One more proof of this disorder in the government, of this inability to govern, are the power cuts that we have suffered throughout the country in recent days.

We know that the gas we buy from Texas is what allows us to keep our power plants running, without gas there is no power.

Futures were not bought, it was not foreseen, as every year peak gas prices are negotiated to ensure supply.

The loyalty of Bartlet and the directors of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is not with the country.

The CFE decided not to pay the high gas prices. This caused the blackout in the north of the country on Monday. This was reported by executives of the Midstream Oil & NGL group of IHS Market.

It is incapacity, it is negligence. Who will be responsible for this decision? Who will pay the billions of economic losses that the country suffered in these three days of power outages?

Who will comfort the relatives of all the people who died of cold and lack of energy in hospitals and clinics. It is inability to govern, it is negligence.

Let’s keep hope. Until next time.

The author is an expert in corporate communication and crisis situations. He has an MBA from ITESM.

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