The Ford F-150 2021 is a pick-up of the oval brand that is currently under development. His presentation is scheduled for June 25. Details on its benefits have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that it will serve as the basis for an electric version that will debut in 2022. Its price has not yet been confirmed.

The presentation of the fourteenth generation of the F-150 was scheduled for April, but has been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The forecast is that its production begins in October 2020 and that it reaches dealerships later this year. It will serve as the basis for the first electric Ford F-150, which will be released in 2022.


No official photograph of the Ford F-150 2021 has yet transpired, but the brand has shared a first advance where its new front optical group is insinuated, with a LED treatment that promises to give it a new touch on the road.


No photograph of the interior of the Ford F-150 2021 has yet transpired, but everything indicates that the firm will introduce a large touchscreen without giving up the physical controls and buttons.


Everything suggests that the Ford F-150 2021 will arrive at dealerships with various six and eight-cylinder engines, as well as all-wheel drive and ten-speed automatic transmission.

A plug-in hybrid option is expected in 2021 and a fully electric one in 2022, which will have to cope with the popularity of the Tesla Cybertruck.

FORD F-150 2021: PRICES

The price of the Ford F-150 2021 has not yet been confirmed.


Date Upgrade 06/19/2020 First preview of the Ford F-150 2021.

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